Thursday, May 25, 2023

Update 23.05.25



- New dialog with Aika Thanka in the bar of Calterburry when you unlocked the vanguard battle system, won the brawler fight of Brad versus Ash, and when you found the hellhound village in Amagal. The event will introduce her sisters Bennika and Angrika. Angrika will become a vanguard squad leader at the end of the events.

- The lightning brawler Sparky appears in the Black Twin Towers of Honor when you finished Brad's solo challenge, and when you have the brawler stamp card. Brad can have a brawl fight against her after finishing her challenge area. Winning the brawl fight will give Brad and Ryen new skills. Sparky's current character and face images are just place holder. She is planned to get a full body CG image later, but I decided to added her events and character before the CG is done.

- Changed the storage screen of the overview map to allow you to see what production is unlocked and what not, and tell you what you need to unlock it. The screen also gives you the option to pause productions that require other resources as materials now.

- I added the option to disassemble "all weapons/armors except one of each type" to the anvil of the fire and nature raid.

- The production rate for some resources of the overview map was increased.


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Update 23.05.06


 Changes in version 23.05.06:
- The dialog option of Cassedy to either annex the Luminous Order, or to make peace with them, are now unlocked and start new events.
The battle route will include a bunch of new enemies, and take longer to finish.
When the peaceful route for the Order is done, the ship on the worldmap will take you directly into the facility of the Order, and when you leave the facility, it'll also give you the option to return to Central directly, without the need to go through the cave area every time.
- After solving the future of the Luminous Order with either route, and when you have Scuffy as a vanguard leader, you can talk with Cassedy about soldiers with guns to get a new CG scene.
- Added one cowgirl monstergirl to the top right corner of Lualombo.
- The replay for the scene of Lace together with Irinlia can now be unlocked when they're both on different routes, not just when they're both on the good route.
- I moved the icons of the characters in the top right corner during battles down by 30 pixel, so that the icons don't overlap with the text. Since some enemies on the right side were already close to the icons, let me know should you spot any encounters where the change does cause an issue. Thanks.
- I lowered the priority for the icons of the country overview map buffs, so that many other buffs and debuffs are shown rather than those buffs in the menu and during battles. This'll ensure that, for example, you won't miss important debuffs in boss battles anymore, due to the country map buffs taking up all of the space for visible buffs/debuffs.
- Changed the names of the "Small Spidergirl" and "Big Spidergirl" monstergirls to Arachne and Drider.
- I changed all normal spider enemies (NOT the spider monstergirls) into rats, to make things easier for people with arachnophobia.


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Update 23.04.15

Changes in version 23.04.15​:
- Scuffy Fluffball, the second gun squad leader for your vanguard forces, can now be recruited after you talk with Cassedy about gun squads when Della's gun squad is at level 3 or higher. She is on the page "Central 2" in the CG room.
- You can now enter the gun factory which was build as part of Cassedy's events before you can recruit Della.
- A dialog with Linda will start an event with her and Mary, which unlocks a new event and scene with Louise. For Louise's part of the events, you can find and talk with her in your bedroom after the events with Mary and Linda.
The dialog to start the new events of the maids unlocks when you use the teleport orb after the CG scenes with Mary and Linda, and the dialogs of Louise and Elina until Louise stands in the treasury.
- Fixed a bug with the start of Chiyo's and Varea's new event.
- Fixed a bug with overview map UI icons appearing while you're not on the overview map.
- Fixed and issue with a disabled teleport option after an event regarding Kayelinth's farm.
- I added 5 new NPCs to the inside of the academy, to give it more life. Neither character has anything important to say though.
- I changed some star icons on the overview map, to make it easier to see which building increases which stat of the country:
Faith is light green/blue, Freedom is purple, Magic looks crazy, Knowledge is orange, Happiness is blue, Health is green, Safety is red, and Moral is the old yellow.
I also moved the star for the freedom streets generate a bit away from Aldlyn, to make Aldlyn less cluttered with icons.

 The changes from the small update 23.04.05 are included in version 23.04.15:
- New CGs for Jeanne's first CG scene. The scene now also has a version without the lingerie. (The old CGs can still be seen in the CG room.)
- Added the 2022 New Years Eve wallpaper image to the CG room.
- Fixed a bug with the trigger for Saphielle's "Orchel Trading Route" quest.
- I increased the amount of reputation skills you can use with the full 200 reputation before you drop below 100 and have to refill it from 10 to 15.
- The work area near Aldlyn now sparkles when the upgrade is available after the carpenter and goldsmith research.
- The icon to gather taxes on the overview map is a bigger star icon now.
- The option to use Budget to speed up researches is now available directly on the research screens of the laboratory and the university.
- Fixed a bug with the warface, tactics, and combat research of the university, which always claimed that the research would already be done.
- The research/production of Builder/Battle/Protection/Magic Knowledge, Magic Dust, and Rune Stone in the laboratory/university can now be done multiple times at once.
The price for instantly finishing the research is multiplied by the quantity you're researching/producing.

The continuation of the events with Cassedy and the Luminous Order are prepared and will be done in the next update. I was originally planning to add them in this update, but they turned out so big that I decided to split them into their own update.
If things go according to plan, I'll continue with the events of the Thanka family afterwards. The events will introduce the vanguard squad leader Angrika Thanka, which brings the 20 squad leaders close to completion.


Friday, March 31, 2023

Update 23.03.31

Update 23.03.31 changes:
- New event with Varea. It starts when you talk with Chiyo in the sleeping chambers after her wedding and the CG scene of Varea and Jeanne.

- Fixed an issue with the sales of Dorgania on the trading screen.
- Changed how Budget and Reputation numbers are shown in the UI to fix an issue with incorrect values getting displayed.
- Changed the requirement for the "Research speed" research from country tier 3 to 2, since it's almost useless when you gotten to that point in the research tree.
- The command center screen now recognizes it when you build the arena and the mines.
- Fixed the dialog for Allisa in Orchel, and for Zonja in Sunee.
- Fixed an issue with the paper research.
- Fixed a bug which caused the construction team to be permanently busy when building the monsterhall or armory in Aldlyn.
It's not possible to restore the construction team automatically in this case, but I added an option in the cheat book in your bedroom to turn all construction teams "available" again for those who suffer from this issue.
- Fixed a bug that made recruiting new vanguard squad leaders impossible.
- Fixed a bug which caused the training of good soldiers show that the storage would be full.
- I added the missing prodution for leather.
- Windows are now produced in the workshop. This way you don't need to research carpenter and goldsmith, and upgrade the work area with these two buildings, in order to get windows.
- Fixed the cooldowns for trades.
- On the trading screen, the resources other countries want to buy or sell aren't automatically the same anymore.
- You now get some resource double for the same material cost, as long as your storage allows for it.
You get 2x Steel for 1x Coal, 2x Silver for 1x Mithril Pickaxe, 2x Gold Dust for 1x Mithril Pickaxe, 2x Mithril Pickaxe for 1x Mithril, 2x Mithril for 1x Steel Pickaxe, and 2x Steel Pickaxe for 1x Steel
This should improve the production for some complex resources.
- Added a message after you collect taxes, that the values you get from it are the result of your setting on the finances screen.
- Fixed a typo claiming that a papermill makes meat out of pigs.
- The researches for the four Knowledge types, Magic Dust, and Rune Stone now block you from starting the "research" when the storage for these resources is full.
- Fixed a bug with Sandra's event line. The construction of the mine in the south was not recognized by her event, and thus prevented players from advancing her events.


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Update 23.03.28

 After receiving quite clear feedback from players, I made a bunch of changes to the new overview map system to improve it:

- All resource production happens automatically in the background now once you have the necessary building for it. Research, training, and constructions still take real time.
- Removed the constant decrease of Reputation, Faith, Freedom, Safety, Magic, Knowledge, Health, and Happiness for your country.
- The max storage limit was removed. (If you load a save on the overview map, leave and re-enter to refresh the UI, since the storage amount was removed from the interface.)
- Increased Reputation for easy requests from 20 to 30, and for medium requests from 30 to 50.
- Expeditions don't „consume“ the soldiers you send anymore, but expeditions take longer now.
- I created buffs for when you collect country values when they're already at 100:
Faith (+5% M.DEF) [Church, Shrine of Flunis]
Freedom (+3% crit chance) [Streets, Newspaper]
Safety (+5% DEF) [Watchtower, Fire station, Police HQ]
Magic (+5% M.ATK) [Laboratory, University]
Knowledge (+10% experience gained from battles) [School, Library]
Health (+5% M.HP) [Bathhouse, Clinic]
Happiness (+5% ATK) [Bar, Park]
These buffs last for 40 turns in battles (the count is continued from battle to battle and is individual for each party member.)
- The Shrine of Flunis now generates Faith, and the laboratory and university generate Magic. (Knowledge comes from the school and library buildings)
- Recruits are now trained instantly.
- Training of soldiers is not possible anymore when the max amount of them exists already. If you finished the training of a type of soldiers while they're at max capacity, you'll get a message which allows you to cancel the production.
- You can now spend Budget to immediately finish researches and the training of soldiers.
- You can now enter the research screens while a research is running.
- The tutorial message was changed.
- Fixed the "Protection Knowledge" research in the university, which was generating "Battle Knowledge"
- Fixed a bunch of bugs with wrong productions and text messages.


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Update 23.03.25

The main idea behind the changes in update 23.03.25 is to give the player a more active role in the country development, and to give you a reason to come back to the overview map every one in a while.
Variables like your "Reputation" and the "Safety" or "Freedom" of your citizens are slowly decreasing when you do nothing against it, but they can be improved on the overview map.
Reputation allows Ryen the use of new, powerful battle skills, but only while it's above a certain value. Therefore, the player has the choice whether to not care about these skills, or prepare himself before tough battles by raising his reputation again.
[Some buildings on the overview map need to be constructed again, even if you unlocked them earlier in your save, since the triggers which saves what building is done was changed in some cases.]

- The country overview map now has a real-time based system instead of a turn system. This means all productions and constructions happens in real time while the game is running.
- The player has to actively gather resources that were produced once the production is done on this map.
- All timers run even while you're not on the map. Which means you can start a bunch of slow production, leave the map, and come back later once they're done.
- When you gather a produced resource, it'll show what you got with a picture that fades away, rather than a text message. You can move while the image is shown. This is intended to increase the pace of the system, otherwise it would be too many text windows that stop the player constantly.
- The overview map doesn't use your gold anymore, but has it's own "Budget" system. You need a certain amount of available budget for construction projects. Budget is automatically generated over taxes, which the player can collect every few minutes, or by one of the new constructions.
- The "Finances, Laws, and Policies" screen was adjust to the new country system. The choices on this screen now mostly affect what varibales like "Faith" for your country increase or decrease each time you collect the taxes. Due to the changes, most buttons on this screen were reset to the default option, and have to be manually set to your prefered way again when you continue an old save file.
The finances screen can now be accessed via an icon on the overview map, not just from the dialog with the treasurer David in your throne room.
- David does not give you gold from the country taxes anymore.
- Several new resources and buildings were added to the country overview map.
- All resource producing buildings have the option to show the recipes for their type of resources.
- You can only have a limited amount of construction at the same time. Building the new "construction guild" will increase your amount of construction teams.
- The values for things like "Safety" or "Happiness" of your country were changed. Buildings like watchtowers create such "Safety" over time, and the player has to gather it like a finished product.
- The construction costs for all buildings on the overview map were changed, to fit to the new resources and the production speed.
- It's not necessary to repair Bitterroot Farm to produce resources there anymore. Instead, the production is just slower until you had the events to repair the farm.
- A storage screen shows you all the resources you have. You have a maximum limit for all resources together, but also an individual limit, to prevent people from spam producing everything without thinking about what they really need right now.
If you gathered too many unnecessary resources, and it blocks your storage, you can throw away resources on this storage screen screen.
- The costs to recruit new vanguard leaders has been adjusted to the new system.
- The costs of the fortification upgrades in the command center screen were adjusted to the new system.
- You get budget instead of supplies now as a possible reward for bonus battles.
- Bonus battles now don't appear randomly anymore, but have a cooldown timer. The timer can be reduced with a research.
- The laboratory and university now have separated research screens.
The screen of the lab of the overview map and the general research when you go into the lab in character aren't connected by a "switch" button anymore.
- The user interface shows you in the top left corner if constructions, training, researches, and requests are available, working, or done. It also shows the storage limit, your budget amount, and your reputation.
- Variables like „Reputation“ or "Safety" currently decrease every ~2,5 mins by a random value from 1 to 4.
- A new trading screen, which you can access via an icon near Havaria Port on the overview map.
- The crafting for vangaurd equipment in the armory, and the trading caravan in front of Aldlyn were removed from the country overview map. The caravaan can be found in a similar way on the new trading screen.
- You automatically get the new key item "Country Management Map" when you are on the overview map, which allows you to enter the overview map from anywhere where you can use the teleport stone as well.
- Intelligence service upgrade removed from Witton.
- Horses were removed as a resource on the overview map.
- Val's event which gave you +20 Recruits was removed.
- Fire events were removed, but might return in a different way.
- A "request" system gives you up to 6 randomized requests for resources. These requests go from simple to very complex, and increase the reputation value.
The reputation from requests and expeditions is needed for some new skills:
Supported Outburst: Does physical damage against one enemy. Costs 15 TP. The damage is 1x ATK higher than the normal attack, but has additional 2x ATK on top of it when the reputation is at 100 or higher.
Supported Gust: Does magic wind element damage against all enemies. Costs 30 MP. Deals 2x M.ATK more damage while reputation is at 100 or higher.
Supportive Shout: Heals 60% HP of all party members when your reputation is above 100, else 30%. Costs 50 MP.
You get the first skill near the EXIT button once reputation is at 15+, the second skill near the windmill for flour after you build it and with Chiyo in your party, and the third skill near Thremten when the church was build and Mira is in your party.
The use of such a skill reduces reputation by 10. Which means you have to increase your reputation again on the overview map after using the skills a few times.

Due to the long development time and complexity of these new features in the overview map, I'd greatly appreciate all feedback for balancing and bug reports.

I added new character sprites for Allisa, Ashryn, Cassedy, Cremia, Deulari, Elmyra, Fang, Manticore Mia, Naomi, Nemelphia, Rena, Rina, Waterspirit, Worilla, Zaleria, and Zentha. Thanks to Knightlock for his work with these sprites. He also made new sprites for Arevis, Baemeth, Spidergirls, Jiangshi, grey and red imps, and Citrinne. (Character sprites are the small figures that walk on the maps, not the full body CG images)

For the next update, I plan to continue the events of Varea after the story with her and Jeanne. The idea is that it'll be a quick update, with Varea's events and all bug and spelling mistake fixes reported for the overview map changes, so that you don't have to wait too long for those fixes.

Special shout-out to Themil who does an amazing job at improving the Renryuu wiki


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Update 23.02.08


 Changes in update 23.02.08:

- After the events of the dungeon below Meddling Castle of last update, and when you had the first CG scene with Jeanne, you can go to her room in the castle of Calterburry to get a new events advancing the political events of Amagal and Begus.
The events end with a new side-character wedding.
- The "Main" icon on the wedding screen, which you can use to toggle between main and side characters, was split into the two buttons "Main" and "Side," of which the inactive group is grey and the active group colored. I hope this will solve the problem, that some people don't realize that the button can be used to switch groups.
- The stats of the Magic Leather Shoe+ were reduced for balancing.
- The nun Enaris of the church in Aldlyn and the small elf Cookie now have full body CGs. (They're available in the CG room page "Central 2".)
- Mirel's wedding ring now increases ATK and M.ATK, instead of only ATK.
- The anvils in the fire and nature raid were changed, and now show you a special screen instead of text based options.
- You can now upgrade each (main party) wedding ring at the nature raid anvil once. (Requires the Dusty Crafting Book from the fire raid.)
- Fixed a bug which gave you a "Game Over" screen when the party split while Ryen had 0 HP, since the game thought the entire party was defeated.
- I changed the CG room screen "Others 1" with all the maids to "Central 3" and moved Zonja to "Dorgania 1" and Louise from "Others 2" to "Central 3" so that Louise is with the other maids.

Renryuu wiki:
Support me at SubsribeStar:


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Update 23.01.19

 Update 23.01.19 changes:

- A new questline with Adrianna, which start when you talk with her in the bar of Calterburry after Adrianna's first CG scene, Elly's second scene (after the events with the Luminous Order) and after you supported Varea for the throne of Amagal.
- New full body CGs for Queen Jeanne Apelia of Begus, the Magicspirit, Varea, and the maid Louise. (Can be seen when you talk with the character, or via the CG room)
- In the CG room, next to the "Scene" icon, is now a counter which shows how many CG scenes the character has, and how many of them you have unlocked.
- New full body CGs and character sprites for Kurohime.
- After the spy mission with Kurohime in Luolambo (which unlocks her as a vanguard squad leader) and when you unlocked the private beach on the island Amaranthe, a new sparkling icon will appear near Witton on the overview map.
The event will trigger a story with multiple events, which are all started via such a sparkling icon on the overview map. The last event is a yellow island icon above Havaria Port, which triggers a CG on Amaranthe.
These events introduce the new character Citrinne, who was create as a reward for reaching a stretch goal on SubscribeStar a while ago.
- I fixed a bug which caused the tentacles in the secret prison to appear when you used the CG room to watch the scene of Irinlia and Lace while you're on their good route.



Saturday, December 31, 2022



Today, step by step, all countries in the world celebrate their start into the new year 2023.
As my present to you for this special event, I made a summary of Renryuu in 2022, my plans for the next year, and my artist made a New Years celebration wallpaper for you with the winners of the side character polls from a while ago.

Renryuu in 2022:
- A marriage system and the weddings for all main girls were added.
- A second accessory slot was added for all party members, so that you can combine wedding rings with other accessory items.
- The weddings with the first side characters, Mai and Dea, was added at the end of 2022.
- A wiki for the game was created:
- All 20 vanguard squad leaders can now be used (some only as test version without character image)
- Crafting is now available anywhere with Chiyo's "Alchemist" skill.
- Daily quests and character specific challenges available via the "Black Twin Towers of Honor."
- Adventures for the female genderbender trio.
- A colorblind mode was added for riddles where color is important.
- A card collection system was added with 180 unique cards.
- An achievement system was added.
- Renryuu had 21 game updates in total in 2022.

Plans for 2023:
- Most important: Advancing all planned content of the "current time" to move forward towards the time skip events.
(This includes the CG scenes for characters that don't have one yet, and political events with the other countries.)
- More weddings with side characters.
- Further preparations and improvements for the war system.
- Addition of the last vanguard leaders with character images.
- More monstergirls.
- Improve and finish the wiki with all important information.

The wallpaper is available in:
1024x768 [4:3]
1280x1024 [5:4]
1600x1200 [4:3]
1920x1080 [16:9]
1920x1200 [16:10]
3840x2160 [16:9]

Download link:

Have a good start into 2023 everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Update 22.12.24


Happy Holidays!

The wedding for the first side characters is here!
Version 22.12.24 adds new events with Mai and Dea, which'll unlock their marriage. The events also introduces a new and unique monstergirl called Nessa.
The story starts when you talk with Lili in the castle of Aldlyn after you have all requirements:
- Dea's previous good path events. [Solo scene with Dea in the secret hot spring]
- Beach scene with Lili.
- Marriage system unlocked.
- Chiyo's events done to the point that Mozaik is living at the big farm in Central.
- First dialog with Akai at the work area near Aldlyn.

- I changed how the random encounters with purple flames in the "Black Twin Towers of Honor" work, so that they don't turn into different monsters at the end of the battle sometimes.
- There was a bug that when you changed the armor on vanguard squads, the previous armor of the squad would disappear. This issue is fixed now.


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Update 22.12.06


Update  22.12.06
- For those that haven't heard about it yet, I created a wiki for the game at
The wiki is still not fully finished, as many characters and locations are missing, but it already has a bunch of additional details that the walkthrough doesn't offer.
Apart from the main page the entire wiki can be edited by everyone. Which means people can directly add details themselves when they notice that something is missing or unclear.
Any help to improve and expand the wiki is appreciated!

- The vanguard leader Della now has new events and a CG scene. The last step of the dialogs requires that Della's squad is level 7 or higher.
- Change to Della's aiming mini-game: Every few movements, the aiming image is certain to go to the middle of the target.
- New ability "Alchemist" for Chiyo after the events about the alchemy equipment for her. When you're past those events in Chiyo's story, she automatically learns the new skill when you talk with her in her sleeping chamber.
"Alchemst" replaces the dialog option for crafting, and allows you to open the crafting menu anywhere while you're out of combat.
- Removed the word "Equip" from the choices when you change weapons, armors, or horses for vanguard squads, as the text was too long in a few cases.
- The CG image in Mary's CG scene doesn't stay on the screen anymore, and the first image is now the updated CG art version.
- The "Black Twin Towers of Honor" can now be build! A dialog with General G√ľnther about these towers becomes available when you use the teleport orb after you recruited all party members and finished the first floor of the Spire of Courage.
The construction will be a big project with three increasingly expensive phases.
In the tower itself, you can take three types of daily quests: Hunting, Fighting, and Speed.
You can also do a solo challenge with each party member, which gives the character either a new skill or increased stats at the end. Most challenges usually have some sort of gimmick.

About the daily quests:
- The Fighting quest has a different buff/debuff depending on which day it is:
Monday: Everyone is confused and does random attacks at random targets in every battle.
Tuesday: All party members have only 1% HP but +70% magic and physical evasion.
Wednesday: Hit rate reduced by 50%, but +50% experience gained.
Thursday: MP cost for skills *5 but the TP gain rate is tripled and TP is preserved between battles.
Friday: -50% (M.)ATK but +30% crit chance
Saturday: Gold and item drop chance doubled
Sunday: -50% (M.)DEF but AGI tripled
- The game checks what day is set in your system when you enter the tower, which means you have to leave and re-enter the tower when you want to update the day.
- When the date changes while the game is running, it might be necessary to restart the game before it'll recognize the new date when you enter the tower.
- You can do the daily quests more than once per day, but you'll get the full reward only once per day. A red orb turns green when the quest is done for the current day.


Update 23.05.25

  Changes: - New dialog with Aika Thanka in the bar of Calterburry when you unlocked the vanguard battle system, won the brawler fight of B...