Saturday, January 20, 2018

Poll: Renryuu merchandise?

After getting a Renryuu themed t-shirt from my brother for christmas, I played with the thought of offering Renryuu merchandise.

The merch would be stuff like cups or t-shirts with special images on them. The design would be shown in advance, and in a previously mentioned timeframe I would gather orders. This would make more sense than taking small orders, as the products get cheaper in higher numbers. The price for cups or shirts would be ~30€ + shipping costs.

The poll is made to check, how many people are even interested in such merch, and would purchase it if the design is good enough.

Below I’ll add example images I quickly made with some existing game CGs. Please keep in mind that these are just examples, the final product is likely to be different.

You can find the poll either at
or Gamejolt:

Monday, January 8, 2018

Update 18.01.08

Update 18.01.08 content:
- The snow effect and presents of the christmas special are removed with this update. The christmas CG scene will be removed in the next update, as I forgot to do so before uploading. ^_^
- The brothel can now be entered. It doesn't have any whores yet, but you'll be able to purchase the slaves from the thieves guild later to change that. Other planned options for them is to send them to your dungeon, free them, or give them as presents to other countries to improve your relationship with them.
- A new event with Lady Akira at the brothel. You'll need the event where you could pick to change Grey back or not before you can meet Lady Akira there.
- Cumshot edits have been added for the new CGs of the headmaid's scene and Elly's titfuck scene.
- The capital of Dorgania, Kagabangui has been added. You can explore the city and each building, but there are no events in the city yet.

As with previous updates, it's only uploaded to my server at stratos when I make this post. The uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Update 17.12.26 - The christmas special

After several delays, the christmas update is finally done. :)
  • A change of the tilesets to make everything in Central and Amagal covered in snow and ice. [Will look strange at places, since not everything was changed and the maps were not made for it obviously.]
  • Presents were placed all over the world, mostly outside but in a few rare cases inside.
  • Special CG scene, which can be slightly altered by two special presents. If you can’t find where the CG scene starts, maybe sleep a night over it. ;)
  • The new warmap system is working but not bug-free yet. I’ll continue to work on it and take care of all problems in the next days. My apologize for the inconvinient in the meantime.
  • Elly’s titfuck CG was updated with the new CG version. If you already played the scene, you can check it at the CG room. :)
The changes for christmas, including the snow, presents and special CG scene, will be removed in an update early next year. Make sure you get everything while you can. ;) 
Download only available at for now. Upload to Mega and Mediafire will follow.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Update 17.11.29

Windows version and Update files only for version 17.11.29 are now online at
Mac and Linux version will follow tomorrow.

- Continuation of the main story line! Talk to Varea for the new quest.
- The dialog of Varea was changed. Instead of having several choices, she'll now tell you about Lace's location immediately and the main story will only proceed after defeating and capturing Lace.
- Additional floor for the secret prison. A guard there will give you a quest, which is required to get a new CG scene with Lace.
- 2 new cities, Minsk and Sunee.
- During the ship cruise to Minsk, you can talk with each party member privately. The dialogs with party members you don't have yet can still be obtained by repeating the cruise later.
- A new dungeon, which includes the new enemy Anubis and Big/Small Spidergirls with placeholder sprites. The character sprites will change once I have an artist for them. All three new monsters are not catchable with Soul Lanterns yet.
- Several important characters have been added in the new content.
- The old CG of the head maids blowjob has been replaced by a remake from Mirayna.
- Corrected spelling mistakes in several old areas.
- Added new music. The new enemies all have different music playing for the battles with them. I might make similar changes to existing enemies, to make the battle music more varied.
- Improved the overview map tutorial with images for the stength/weakness of unit classes, and a legend for the resource images.
- Increased starting resources on the overview map. The new bonus can also be obtained in save game, by going to the overview map from the dialog option of Sir Edward in your throne room.

I gathered a bunch of new assets, which will give me many new options for new maps and characters. You won't get to see everything immediately, but it should add some nice details every now and then now.  My thanks goes out to the artists, who allowed the assets to be used for free. You can find a list with all of them and links to their posts in the game credit page.

The warmap was not changed yet. I'll re-write the system for movement and properly test them in the following days, in order to make sure it'll improve things and not make it worse.
Other bugs in the warmap will also be taken care of along the way. I'll probably release these changes in a few days as a "mini" update.

An update of the walkthrough is also on my list for the coming days.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Progress report 17.11.21

Next update will still take a while. I wanted to finish it in time, but then decided to add a bit more rather than slashing it off for the sake of making the upload in time. ^^

- The next update will continue the main story line, finally introducing the main antagonist and giving some more information about his intentions.
- It also contains the first ship travel, which will include the option to speak alone with a party member during the journey. It'll be similar to how you can speak alone with one of the party members in the events at the south dungeon, where the party splits into several groups for a short moment. But in this case, you'll be able to speak with all party members and re-play the journey later again, in case you didn't have a party member before.
- I spend a bunch of hours getting some new graphics for characters and maps. You might not see much of it immediately, but it'll increase my options for the future. Some of it will be visible in the new maps, like the ship in the screenshot. :)

As result of the poll for the games weakpoint on patreon, I've ordered the remakes of several old CGs. This currently includes the titfuck CG of Elly, the blowjob from the headmaid, the sex scene with Hellhound and the sex scene with Kurohime where Ryen was shown from behind and looked like a child. There are a few more on my list, that might be remade later, but those four immediately came to my mind when thinking about where to start. Look forward to see their upgrades. :)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Update 17.11.08

- New finances, laws and policies system. The system allows you to make several choices on how the country will be governed. The choices will affect 7 new variables of the people in your country, which will increase or decrease in the background while you do other things. There are no new events based on these numbers yet, but will be used in the future updates.
- New event with Vampire, starting at the Aldlyn city board with a new bounty quest.
- New event with Sia, starting at the sleeping chambers. Requires the Aldlyn bar upgrade from the overview map.
- New Icons at the CG room will now show which girl´s can get pregnant and if they are already impregnated.
- Changes to the option menu, allowing you to change the window color, and switch to wasd control or change the keyboard config manually for each key.  
General notes:

- I've pushed back the bug fixes for the warmap again and again for several weeks now, so I'll put a focus on it during the next few days. Please let me know in details about any problems you have or had, to help me get rid of all problems the system still has. If it's a longer description of a bug, at best with screenshots, please send it to instead of making a mess in the comment section. Thank you! :)
- I've recently posted the update files for new updates first in discord, while the full version uploads are still on the way. If you want to get the updates faster, and see information about the ongoing development of the next update ahead of time, make sure to drop by. ;) You can find the discord channel at
Changes to the patron rewards: 
The full size CG previews will now be available for +5$ patrons as well, rather than just the game size version. 
[MEGA and Mediafire uploads will be done tomorrow]

Monday, October 23, 2017

Update 17.10.23

The new version is up!
- The big farm, which you can build on the overview map, is now accessable. It'll also allow for small and big harpies to be released now. (No CG scenes there yet.) 
- New event with Jackie at the herbalist, after her previous event are done and you've build the monsterhall. 
- Secret CG event, which will require you to find several dialogs with hints while the necessary characters are in your party, and some other requirements to be met, before you can get to it. (And no, I won't give more hints/tips. And yes, I expect many people to go crazy about not finding it.) 
- I've also made a change to the warmap pathfinding, which might reduce or even fix the movement problems. But it'll require a bit more work and testing, to ensure everything is bugfree in it. Currently only the update files and windows version are up, Mac and Linux version will follow. Walkthrough will be updated later as well, including the solution for Lielle's dungeon.

Things planned for the next update: 
- The "second" CG scene for Vampire. (She already has some more due to bonus scenes, but this is the original second scene for her.) 
- Changes in the kingdoms policy and law system. 
- New CG scene with Sia - And some other stuff, should there be enough time.

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