Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Update 17.04.19

The new version is done and contains a lot of new maps and CGs!
- 13 Floors for the new map Spire of Courage [3 safe floors, 3 base fighting floors, 3 easy floors, 2 medium floors and 2 advanced floors].
- The easy floor ends with an event, that can lead to a CG scene when you win the fight and make the right choice afterwards.
- Medium floor introduces the Tigergirl patreons have voted on before. Her events aren't finished yet, she'll receive a CG scene later.
- Hard floor will bring back a good friend for a rematch, unless you haven't met her yet.
- Several new enemy battler CGs
- New skill "Dark Blade" for Ryen at level 15
- New skill Mana Burn for some enemies
- Balancing changes for element attacks and defense of friends and enemies
- New CG for the scene with Chiyo and Kayelinth playing in the river
- New recipes, items and steel equipment
- Replaced some normal soldiers with dwarves at and in the Drunken Cave

General notes: 
- To help balancing the game, please let me know with what level and party you managed to clear the Spire of Courage or where enemies were too strong for you.
- I changed the system for the version number from day/month/year to year/month/day, so that the higher number will always be the newer version.
- At the time of this post, we're ~60$ short on the patreon goal to get a new monstergirl with CG into the game each month. Should you like the new monstergirls, you now know how to get more of them. ;) 
Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --

Friday, April 7, 2017

Update 07.04.17

The new version is up and contains:

- New CG scene with Aleah. This scene will be different, depending on whether you freed her or put her into your dungeon.

- New event with two different CGs for Grey, if your previous choices with him included keeping him in your castle.

- The solutions for the Magic Test during the events with Chiyo have been added to the walkthrough.

- The RPG Maker MV now has the option to export games for Linux. I've uploaded the newest version, but expect it to be buggy or not to work for certain Linux versions. As I don't have a Linux system myself, I won't be able to provide tech support for this version.

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Future warmap changes

As part of my effort to change and improve the warmap, I would like to present you my current plans and thoughts. I'll work on them at the side, while I continue to make and upload the usual content, since it'll take quite a long time to finish everything.

Most changes will be for the "map" system, before you go into the strategy battle. Instead of moving your forces around with some slow choice, I'm going to make it into a worldmap, where you can send your troops to active battles and improve your cities, recruit new troops and much more.
Outside of battles, all upgrades and recruitments will happen instantly, but you won't gain or lose any recources over time.  Once a battle is active, the system will change to a turn based system, during which things take turns to be build, but you gain or lose recources each turn. The active battles will have a "deadline", until which the enemies have either conquered the area or retreated, so you'll have only a certain amount of turns to work with each time. This is for balancing reasons, since you could otherwise improve your country endlessly outside of battles.

As seen in the screenshot, you'll have some rescources which will be generated over time during the turn based phase, while the storage will hold things which you need to built yourself each time. Those unique recources are either required to build, recruit troops, or to give a boost to the gain of a certain recource.

There are 27 possible buildings, which can be built for different benefits. The actual number to get into the game might still change of course.

Buildings and troops will cost supply for each turn. Should you not increase your supply gain enough and the supplies drop to 0, your Moral starts to drop until it get's to 0 and none of your forces make any damage anymore.

The new system is planned to support up to 15 allied and 15 enemy units, to allow for bigger battles. All normal units can be changed to any of the 6 base classes, given that you have enough resources to do so.
Special Generals can be recruited as well, to give units a certain unique buff.
Unusual forces, for example consisting of tamed monsters, might be added as well.
All of the above changes depend on how well thing will work, when I try to get them into the game, and might be changed depending on it.

The changes will also affect the Skilltree upgrades for the warmap and the research options in the Laboratory.

The upcoming changed to the tax and policy system will also affect the warmap. Taxes will, depending on whether you set them high or low, raise or lower a counter during the normal gameplay. This counter will decrease or increase the population gain during the warmap turn based phase, during which the counter goes down again, until it's at 0 and has no effect anymore. This way, your choice on the "real time" taxes will affect the warmap in it's "turn based" system afterwards, making the choice more important.

Strategy map changes:

I'll add different animations for some classes, and add an animation for ranged units that attack, to make it easier to tell when an enemy attacked.

Before each battle, the winning and losing conditions are going to be displayed on the screen.

At the moment, enemies attack you if you're within 2 tiles walking range. This gives a big advantage to all 3 AP and ranged units, since the're certain to get the first hit. It also makes it unlickley for enemies to help their allies, when they're being "lured away". That's why I consider changing it, so that enemies not only attack when in range, but walk 2 tiles when your forces are 3 tiles away. This increase in range will hopefully improve the enemies, and make them less static or bystanders during their allies battles, without making them much stronger.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New partymember announcement and ToF results

The first round of the Tournament of fame is done for all groups. You can see the results in the picture above, which were in some cases really close. I had a lot of fun, watching some characters race against each other for the last deciding votes.

The Tournament will continue in a few days, on Wednesday the 5th April, in order to give all characters the chance to rest and fight at their best. ;)
As always, you can vote on your favorite characters during the tournament at my Patreon page:

The new tournament tree for the upcoming round 2 will be:

New partymember announcement:

After being asked again and again, if I want to add another character to the party at any point, I’ve finally decided to add one more. It’s been a hard decision, but after a long time of thinking and planning, I hope to have finally found the right character to satisfy every player.
The new character will be included in the next update, which should be done within the next few days, and already has 1 CG scene.

If you don’t mind a mild spoiler, you can take a look at the preview here:
Edit: The new character was only an april fools joke. Don't mind the "spoiler" and don't take it serious. ;)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Update 25.03.17

The warmap system has received a complete rework and is now available in it's new shape. 
- Move/Attack command is replaced by "Action", with which you can move within range or directly attack enemies within range.
- New visual of all stats and bonuses before you attack.
- Instead of the attacker making the damage before the enemy, the attacker now gains an attack bonus, but takes full damage from the enemy as well.
- Attacking a unit which isn't directly next to you will move your unit to it before attacking.
- Ranged units (Archers and mages) can't counterattack or be counterattacked. Also they can attack 1-2 tiles far, but can't move anymore after attacking. Their attacks can't go over impassable tiles or any units, to attack enemies behind.
- Attack animation are now visible when units fight.
- Turn over button was replaced by a turn over option on every unit you have.
- Visual of the unit counts in the bottom left corner and day value in the top center of the map have been removed. 
- All forces are now small groups of units instead of boxes.
- Enemies now prioritise to attack units which they're strong against.
- Units can't attack more than once per turn.
- Balancing changes, all units have higher base defense values
- Changed the map around the tower slightly and the positioning of the enemies, in order to make things more open instead of clumped into single tiles.

- Several other bugs have been fixed. One of them was Grey appearing in Sandra's treasure dungeon events, even if he was already transformed 
- I added a Yanfly plugin for the shop screen, so that you can see more details about items and compare it with all party members. 
For comparison, here is what the previous system looked like:
General news: 
- Some people reported problems, which were possibly caused by files missing in one of the earlier "update files only". I recommend to download the full game version, to have a new start and be certain to have all files. 
 - Make sure to check out the "Tournament of fame" at my patreon page ( We're currently in the fourth round of voting the favorite characters in 1on1 battles. 
Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bugfix 19.03.17

Two little bugs sneaked into the recent update. Kayelinth doesn't speak to you anymore, under certain conditions, and Irinlia's CG replay scene was breaking the game. I made the changes on both maps to fix it, and uploaded the map data files. This way you can quickly fix the game without much to download. :)  Simply add the Map040.json and Map213.json files into the www/data folder and replace the old files.

Download link:!TxgFQSCT!c_shhA7FbfVVYR2mxoI5UTGCldZAl7i451v6UxX1lIQ

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tournament of fame - Round 1 Group 1

Today starts the new Tournament of fame, where everyone can vote on their favorite character between two options. Like a normal tournament, the winner will move on and later fight against another winner.

Here you can see the first round for all groups:

Given the huge amount of characters, the polls will go 2 days for one entire group during the first round.
For group 1 you can vote on:

Battle A - Irinlia vs Elly

In the first battle of the tournament, Irinlia, the succubus from Millwater, has to compete against our gunslinger Elly. Will the succubus be able to steal your hearts (and votes), or will Elly prove the power of a main heroine over a side character? You decide!

Battle B - Sandra vs Mirel

Stabbing on close range, or shooting arrows from a safe distance? Pragmatic or honorable? These two girls have a lot of differences, but which one managed to impress you more?

Battle C - Vampire vs Mira

Good against evil. But no matter what they say, deep down we all know they don’t really hate each other.

Battle D - Chiyo vs Kayelinth

The battle of our youngsters. Despite Kayelinth’s real age being far from that of a child, those two surely are the most "childish" characters we’ve in our group. But the important question is, which of them do you like more?

The voting takes place on my patreon page. You can find the group 1 polls here: