Friday, September 20, 2019

Update 19.09.20

Windows, Mac, Linux versions and "update files" for version 19.09.20 are now available at MEGA!
The android version is currently giving an error when I try to make it. It'll be uploaded as soon as I can fix this. 
- The first raid is now available at the Spire of Courage challenge floor. It'll introduce a few new enemies and features, and offers a lot of great items as reward if you can finish it. It's "endgame content" that you can do before the time skip, so the battle is supposed to be very hard but gives you the best items you can currently find in the game.
- New events with Shanna and Naomi. It starts when you walk into the Newkungu casino after having the events with Shanna training people at Pumumu and when you had the scene with Mira and Mirel at the hot spring. The event will bring you to a new map that's available now: The Seaside Tower in Dorgania. It has strong enemies that give a lot of experience and gold. After the events there talk with Shanna at Kagabangui to continue the quest.
- I increased the experience gained from most quests significantly and made a few changes to existing monsters.
- A new event with Aleah on her good path which starts at the sleeping chambers. Requires that you had her maid blowjob scene by talking to headmaid Ryia, that Mira is in your party, and that you're at the point of getting into Dorgania in the main story line.
- New event with the half-dragon girl Libelle (bottom left at the sleeping chambers when you already have her). By selecting "talk" again in her choices you get the new event after the previous events about going to the blacksmith are done.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Update 19.08.24

- New events with Dea on both the good and bad path. On the good route you can talk with her again after the scene to change her outfit.
The good path events start when talking to the head maiden at the shrine you build for her earlier (the start of Dea's events) after you finished all previous events with Dea including going to the beach with Mai and Naevy.
The bad path requires that you talk with Mai in the prison once after healing Dea's cursed eye. It won't change Mai's dialog but trigger a change in Dea's event so you'll get a new dialog when you talk with Dea again afterwards.

- Added a quest and scene for the sphinx Mozaik starting at the big farm. (Requires that you had Chiyo's gold license test to have her there)

- Downloads -
(HiDrive downloads will follow tomorrow)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Update 19.07.24

Update 19.07.24 is now available! :)
11 new CG scenes for the following monstergirls:
Whisperwind farm - Grey Imp, Red Imp, Ice Alraune
Monsterhall - Green Alraune, Anubis, Strong Mummy, Red, Pink and Black Salamander
Big Farm in Central - Big Harpy, Tall Spidergirl
[The only monstergirls without a scene yet are the weak mummy, raijuu, cowgirl and water lamia.]
Changed Kayelinth' hunger/playlust system. She won't get a debuff anymore and instead gets a buff when you used toys or vegetables to get the value low enough. The buff stays for 50 steps.
New events with Chiyo starting at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)
The events will bring you to a new dungeon and unlock several new CGs. 
Fixed the bug from the last update where Libelle's event at the blacksmith would re-play whenever you entered the blacksmith again afterwards. 
The upload on Hi-Drive will still take a while, but all versions are ready at MEGA: 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Update 19.07.12

Version 19.07.12 is now available!  

- At the ice area of the Jade Cave is now an encounter with a new character, Libelle. (The ice area is down the path at the bottom right, near where you find the chest with sexy panties for the Begus commander Millaine.)
- The elves Eloen and Phraan are now available at the girl selection screen of headmaid Ryia after you had the elf foursome scene.   
- The events with Varea and the rulership of Amagal continue! You can now talk with her at the castle to decide whether you want to give the new or former King of Amagal more time or help Varea onto the throne. The new events end after her duel.  
- New items and crafting.  You can now craft three different oak staffs. The recipe can be purchased at Witton, the gems for it at the jewelry store in Thremten, the oak staff rod in Orchel and the carsus roots in stores in Begus.   

If you didn't have the update 19.06.19, since it was only posted as update files, you can also now get in this version:
- New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe
- The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event) 
- New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options from party members you don't have turn invisible.
After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs.  

(Upload at Hi-Drive will be up tomorrow)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Update 19.06.19

Version 19.06.19 is now available as "update files only". 
- New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe 
- The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event) 
- New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options for party members you don't have turn invisible. After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs.
Since this is a rather quick update I'll post only the "update files". A regular full upload will happen again once the next update with more content is done.

Update files:

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Update 19.06.11

Update 19.06.11 changes:
- 5 new elves in Orchel including full body CGs.
- New event with Jaylin at the beach of Amaranthe. Requires that Jaylin is at your treasury after finishing her previous events. The dialog changes slightly depending on whether Kayelinth is wearing clothes on the beach or not (which you can change by talking to her on the beach). For those that forgot about her or haven't met her yet, Jaylin is Kayelinth' mother who you first meet at the jewelry in Thremten​ after you're far enough with Kay's events.
- New event with a white tigergirl starting in front of your castle in Aldlyn. Requires Mai's events to be at their current end. Works on both the good and the bad path of Mai's events, but only on her good path you're getting to see all new content. The bad path will get more events in a future update.
Known issues:
- In the upload of the full version, the new shrine you construct during Dea's events is not accessable on the worldmap. It's fixed in the update files and for the new upload but there are no new events on the map anyway, so don't worry about it too much. ^^"
- The Mac and Linux versions are not done uploading at HiDrive at the time of this post, but you can get them at MEGA.
Help wanted:
- I need someone to help with improving the walkthrough and to keep it up to date with every update. It's a boring and time consuming job, so only apply for it if you're bored with too much time and are motivated to help me out. :D For your applications please join us on discord at ​or add me directly as RyenSaotome#6726​. Discord will be necessary for the communication ​and exchange of files, therefore it's necessary for the position.
- I noticed that despite the best effort of my gametester to find issues some small problems always find the way through their nets. Apparently more eyes are needed to find all the problems I create. ^_^ If you're interested to try out the buggy content ahead of time and let me know where I have messed up and what I've misspelled join us at discord at​ and let me know you want to join the gametester group.​

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Update 19.05.21

The new version 19.05.21 is now available! :)

- The size of the sleeping chambers was increased. I added four rooms at the bottom of the map (which don’t have any new events in them yet).

- You can now find the woman Pharah in Lalizan in Dorgania. She will teach you about teleportation through stone plates which unlocks a new system. You can use the plates to teleport between all plates that you have interacted with after this new dialog. The locations with working plates are:
~ In Dorgania: Lalizan, Kagabangui, Lualombo and Orchel
~  In Central: Aldlyn (stone plate is new on the map on the right side near the main road), Havaria Port, Parverhill, Red Keep, Calbridge Stronghold and the Singing Mountains.
~ In Amagal: Manastyr In Begus: Diminus Castle, Spire of Courage and Calterburry
~ Bonus: Amaranthe
 I turned some stone plates, like on top of the castle of Aldlyn, to broken stone plates as they were just for decoration and not intended for this use. Please let me know if I forgot any stone plates somewhere.

- The events about Amagal continue! Next step starts with a dialog with Chiyo in Aldlyn after her previous events are done, the main story is finished to the point where Varea is in your castle, and you freed King Merius of Amagal (the guy that is now standing at the broken fort in Amagal)

- New CG scene with Chiyo. Enjoy~

Upload on Hi-Drive is still in the works, but all versions are available at MEGA:!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ