Thursday, February 14, 2019

Update 19.02.14

The valentines update is now available. :)
 - After the events with Mira and Maria on the faraway island, you can talk with the foxgirl Naomi in the casino of Newkungu to start a new event.  
- You'll have the choice in that event to make the new character your toy or let her work as a maid. On the evil path you can enjoy her CG scene in the dungeon, while on her good path you can enjoy a new event together with Kayelinth. Her good path CG scene will follow in the next update.
The new character, her events and CG scene are all part of a Patreon pledge reward for the patron Macqo. Should you like her character and scene, make sure to thank him, because there is more to come with her. :D
- Updated the nude full body CG of Tsubaki with a new version. You can take a look at it at the CG replay screen if you already had her first scene.

The apk version of the update will be delayed for a while. I have to re-install and set up the programm needed for it, which can take a bit to get all details for it working again. >.< My apologize.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Update 19.01.23

The new update is now available!
- New scene with maid Aleah, available from the selection screen of headmaid Ryia. 
- The old rape events of Aleah, which were text-only so far, have CGs now. 
- After Mira's event at the island temple, where you meet Shanna, a new event with the foxgirl will be available at Pumumu.   
- The replay of the foursome event with Grey, Elly and the Dark Sorceress Zady now starts at the bar and the lesbian threesome part before heading to the foursome scene. 
- Sandra can now pickpocket insignias from monsters in the Spire of Courage. 
- Some minor bug and spelling fixes.  
- Christmas events are still available for now. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Update 18.12.24 - Christmas special

New version including the christmas special is now available!

The update contains new events for Ryoko, starting at the sleeping chamber when you had her previous events. It'll start only a short event, but after you're back at the sleeping chamber there'll be a new note on the Aldlyn city board to continue the events with a new quest. After that quest is done you can talk with Ryoko at the sleeping chamber again to start her new CG scene.

The new scene is necessary in order to unlock the christmas special with the last code 222222.

I've also re-activated the special scene from last year, which you can start by sleeping at your bed in the castle.

And I've updated Ryoko's full body nude CG with a new and better version.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

New sub-page: Merchandise - And christmas code No. 4

As I'm doing a very poor job of advertising the shirts for the game, let me correct that and remember everyone of their existance. :D

To make sure that people can always see the available merchandise and a post about it is not replaced by newer posts until no one sees it anyone, I created a new page on my blog devoted to merchandise. You can check out the shirts and all details about them there:

The christmas advant calendar code 4 is 722722

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Update 18.12.16

A small and quick update is done. :)
- The main point of this update it to fix a bug that gave you ship tickets or gambling coins instead of teleport stones during events. Should you've missed a teleport stone due to this bug, you can get them at the book in your bedroom.
- I also added a new scene for the tigergirl Naevy. It starts at your bedroom when you have the previous scene with her done and the recently added events with Mira and Maria also finished.
Download at:

Since I post the update everywhere, you don't have to search on other pages for the code this time. ;) The third code is 919191. The codes for the christmas advent calendar are posted every few days at these three pages:

Monday, December 10, 2018

Teleport stones issue bugfix

Apparently I messed up and forgot to change the events and shops including the ship tickets and teleport stones after changing their item ID numbers. You can download a fix for those events here: 
Should you have missed one of the teleport stones due to the bug, you can get all stones at the book next to your bed in the sleeping chambers.
I'll update the "update files only".zips with the fix as well. Since it takes very long to upload all full versions again, I'll take a few days to add some new content before re-uploading those once more.
Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Update 18.12.06

The windows version and update files for the new version are now available! Mobile, Linux and Mac version will follow tomorrow. :)

- A new event starts at the jewelry of Thremten after the previous events with Kayelinth are done.
- The item number of teleport stones got swapped with ship tickets, which should cause them to be at the top of the key item list in your inventory now. This should make it more comfortable to use the teleport stones.
- New events with Mira starting at the Havaria port (near the Academy where the game starts) when you talk with Maria in the top left. Requires the previous events with Maria.
 - An advent calendar was added to the sleeping chamber. I'll post a code to unlock one of the doors every few days until christmas alternating between gamejolt, my blog and my patreon page. It'll be necessary to have all codes to get the christmas scene in ~18 days, so make sure to regularly check those sites. ;)

There are several CGs from different artists in this update, so let me give them all a shout-out:
Shanna CG by NottyTiffy:
Naomi CG by FoxyKuro:
Ziki CG by Shawn1013:
Kathreena and Mira CG by un4lord:
Jaylin CG and CG for the advent calender by Mirayna: