Friday, August 5, 2016

Update 06.08.16

I’ve uploaded a new game version for all systems. The update contains:
  • A fullscreen option in the menu (it’s also possible to just press F4)
  • New UI layout as seen in the Screenshot below. Please let me know what you think about it! =)
  • A short scene with my artist Scarlett. Please note that it’s meant as a joke and she’s not really that horrible of a person. :)
  • New map items show pictures of certain parts of the world map with the names of all areas. This should make it easier to find every accessible map and locate areas you need for a quest. This change also includes new names for most major area shown by signs at the entrance of each area.
  • Merchant at abandoned village in Amagal selling red slimegirl essence
  • Some enemies are stronger now.
  • New CG scene with Elly.
  • New events with Sandra in a new dungeon. This treasure hunt with her involves some riddles. Please let me know if you felt them too hard or easy and if you managed to solve everything. :)
I’ll be away from home and limited to my laptop for a while soon so if you find any bugs or problems please let me know quickly. It’ll be easier and faster to fix it while I still have my PC. Thanks!

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  1. The red slime mechant disappear after the elly quest, is it itentional?

  2. scarlet is not that horrible :P

    1. I agree. ^^ I exaggerated to make the scene funnier. No offense to Scarlett intented!

  3. Replies
    1. Sandra brings you there if you have cleared her previous quest and one other requirement.

    2. Would you tell me the second requirement?

    3. You need the second upgrade of the mines as the dungeon is ment to be below the second mine you build.

    4. Weird, it won't start for me. Have the mines fully upgraded, did the chest quest for Sandra and friendship on 51 with her.

    5. There actually is an different quest you need to get first with 60 relationship for her second CG scene. The chest quest isn't part of her questline since it's just a random object you may or may not find so it runs regardless of her other questline progress. Sorry for the confusion.

    6. Worked now thanks. The first riddle is an bit hard. Mainly to know rock or anything are you looking for. Also it's strange that someone made an riddle like that, to susceptible for the time, like an dying plant or an dying adventure, which would rise the skeleton count.
      Why didn't Sandra take something for her from the treasure, it was her idea and she the gold lover.

      The quest was an nice change.

    7. After getting some feedback about the first riddle I'll fix it a bit to make it easier to understand.
      Sandra and Ryen are supposed to share the treasures. I guess I can make a little dialog to make it clearer to the player that Sandra also gets a part ot the treasure.

  4. Replies
    1. You don't see the messages for Socket 1 or what is the problem?

  5. Can you post a hint on how to find the code ? I'm stuck on the riddle

    1. Picture:
      Maybe this picture will help the confusion about small stones and plants. The 3 plants on the left always counts as 1 whether they are 2 or 1 tile high.

      There are always two stone plates for one socket which indicates that one is always false. A hint is given to the players to know which plates are false and can be ignored.

    2. Where is the hint ? Sorry I seem to have missed it , I don't even understand the puzzle could you explain what I have to do ?

    3. The important part is repeated in a dialog when talking to the pillar with the scary face. The dialog goes.
      Ryen: Is this face how the cult imagined the god
      of death?
      Sandra: I have no idea. I only know he was
      described to look down on everything. In his opinion only those who were above others had any worth.
      Sandra: That might be why his head is placed all the way up there.

    4. The puzzle requires you to put the right number in each of the 4 sockets. The correct numbers can be found with the help of the stone plates but there is a false stone plate for each socket number. The dialog above gives the hint to let you know which plates are false.

  6. I have no clue, how you get the code for the mine riddle with the stone plates... Really all your hints confuse me more. Which shall i count? Only what above the collum? Everything on the right stone plate?

    Really... this riddle is so confusing.

    1. 4
    2. 3
    3. 6
    4. 4

    Thats what i get, but it dont work.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The comments above should help you out as well.
      "One way to stand above the others is by outnumbering them"

      Good luck!

    3. Each socket has 2 stone plates associated with it, one true and one false. Since counting isn't the real probelm figuring out how the plates are divided into two groups already bring down the possible combinations to two, maybe three if you're not sure about a number. The hint about how the plates are divided into true and false are given by the scary stone piller with the dialog you can also find in a comment above.

  7. Wow, gotta say that this game is amazing! I've invested quite a lot of time (somewhere around 10+ hours) into this and I loved the characters and their interactions with others.

    The puzzle wasn't too bad, it took me a while to solve it though (the hints you placed here helped quite a bit, haha). The 2nd puzzle had me stumped for a bit as well since I didn't manually check the gate when I got the correct combination >.<

    In addition, how were Skill Crystals supposed to work? So far, I tried using Power Up on Ryen, but it didn't show up in his skills list. I also tried using M. Shields Up on another character with the same result.

    All in all, thanks for the game! I'm really interested in seeing what else is in store for this eccentric bunch~

    1. Thanks for the praise! :) I'm happy you like the game.

      The 2nd puzzle needed the manual check since it otherwise could be solved too easy by just randomly trying without even thinking about it. :)

      Skill Crystals can be used on any party member to teach the skill of it. But characters like Ryen who can only use magic can't use special skills while chars that can't use magic won't be able to use spells gained from Crystals. Other Crystals had warnings in the descriptions but I missed the power up! one. Sorry for that.

    2. Ah, gotcha. Will there be a way to make more of these skill crystals in the future? Since it seems to be a one-use item even if it doesn't work on a certain character.

    3. I had no plans to add more of them so far but I'll take a look if and where they could be added.

  8. i keep getting
    2 pickaxes
    4 human bones
    3 open vases
    5 cobwebs
    6 holes in the wall (counted all)
    6 plants (the moss counts right?)
    2 waterfalls
    4 small stone piles

    i went to the door after each code try and nothing
    i tried
    45 1-9 4
    43 1-9 4

    what am i doing wrong?

    1. You're really close actually. ^^ You're just not using one of the right numbers at the right place. Maybe it'll help a bit if I say that your first number 4564 is the closest one.
      May I ask what logic you use to decide what plates are false or true?

    2. for the first code i was using the plates with the highest numbers

      the second one i was using the plates that are positioned higher in the map

    3. small update
      finally got the door open (you helped me a lot here, thanks ^^)
      second puzzle was piece of cake
      still no idea about the final logic for the first puzzle
      loving the game
      sorry about double post

    4. Double posts are fine here since you can't edit your post. :)
      Glad you got the solutions. I don't know what else I could have said to help without spoilering the answer entirly. ^^

  9. For the record that first puzzle had stumped me for far too long can't believe i didn't notice that sigh good one.

    1. A lot of people seem to struggle with it. ^^ The hints feel already obvious if you know the answer but apparently it's not that easy if you don't know what to look for. ^^