Sunday, June 5, 2016

Update 05.06.16

New update:
- Several enemies drop more gold now.
- The reward for winning at the gambler is now 1500 gold and gives no more extra reward for wins in a row.
- All party members initial level when being recruited are now changing depending on Ryens level. So if you recruit a member very late, he won't be behind the rest of the party anymore. Some members will have a few levels higher or lower than Ryen, depending on the character.
- New area "Begus south fort" with a new quest to help a group of mercenarys.
- New area and quest into walkthrough.
- CG picture and scene selection screen. Here you can watch unlocked pictures and scenes again. You can access the selection screen from your bed in your castle, where you can also go into the skilltree.

Download folder for newest game version and walkthrough:
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --

Note: Due to some fixes, the newest version ist 07.06.16.


  1. It's me again! *insert Mario voice*

    Some good changes I think.
    -Didn't looked how much money the enemies drop now, but the gambler was important, with saving, it was too easy.
    -An gallery option is always great.
    -All party members are now usable? Good!
    -The forth seems more in the east then in the south.

    Bug, you can walk on the magic book you can find in the new fort, after you interacted with it

    Fun fact, I forget to save. Good it wasn't that much I lost.

  2. The "Begus south fort" is in the south of Begus, but south-east on the worldmap I guess. ^^
    Good catch on the bug with the book Now if I could remember where I copied that event from....

  3. Is there a way to update the game without losing your progress?

    1. Yes. Copy the "save" folder into the new game folder. All savegames should appear and work without problems.

    2. Okay, thanks! I've played this game for over 12 hours xD

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  5. Someone know wher i can found rocks in quest "old barracks"

    1. The rocks can be obtained from a man in the bottom right corner of the bar in the capital. He'll only talk about it if you talk to him at least twice.

    2. And lats question what abour quest "fragments"?

    3. The quest fragments will be the continuation of the main story line, which isn't done any further yet. That's why the quest can't be finished at the moment.

    4. I need to wait till you finish this awesome game just i done all quest:(