Sunday, January 15, 2017

Progress report 7

Upcoming new maps:

I've recently made three new maps, as I'm aiming to finish all maps in Begus in the near future. Obviously they won't have as many events yet but provide new areas to work with. Once they're filled with a lot of great events, I will finally start with Dorgania.

Diminus Castle:

The Diminus Castle is a new city in Begus. The next political meeting with them will hold place in this castle. Beside two normal houses the city also has a mage store and a blacksmith.

Skylo Tower

The Skylo Tower is a undead infested building in the north of Begus. But don't worry, there is a riddle on the first floor preventing any fools to get further inside and get themselves killed. ;)


Far away from any other inhabitant places lies the pretty village Pumumu. The village was founded by people that were oppressed in the religious Begus because of their races. As all of their men were killed in a useless struggle of resistance, the village has a lot of strong women ready to protect their new found home.


  1. I just started playing this game very recently as it was recommended by someone in the Quest Failed discord server and I must say I am enjoying it quite a bit but I have a few questions.
    Will you be making the overall map bigger because I noticed that currently there really isn't all that much room especially considering how many enemy types are supposed to be included based on the book of races the one half elf/demon girl shows you. I know you will be adding the country to the west but even with that added still seems kind of small. Also another reason I ask if the overall map will be made bigger is that the country of Amagal is currently very small for a whole country I really would like to be able to venture further north of what there currently is and encounter more monster types well truth be told I would like to venture further in every direction I was just wondering if the map would be made bigger with the possibility of adding more countries that don't boarder yours and some unowned lands.
    When the game is closer to completion will there be areas where the more rare types of enemies such as bandits, slavers, orcs ect. re-spawn because currently you only encounter those enemies a few times then its over unless I missed a place or something where they respawn.
    I am guessing this will be a late game feature that will be more important once all the diplomatic options are finished but Theremis mentioned population growth and income when you talk about changing the trade policy so I guess there will be something you will look at that hasn't been added yet that will give you a better idea of your countries population, happiness and other sources of income.
    Well think that is all my questions for now. Keep up the good work because as I said before I really am enjoying what there currently is.

    1. I haven't planned to increase the world map at any point, but there will be maps for areas outside the worldmap at some point. The worldmap might feel small if you just walk around it, but once it's filled with events it'll hold more than enough content I think. =)

      There definitely will be more types of enemies in the future. The respawning will most likely be limited to monsters, since a unlimited amount of bandits or similar would seem strange to me.

      Population growth was part of an idea for a unique war system, but it got changed later. It's not used currently and I'll have to see what I'll do with it later if at all.

      Thanks for your feedback. :)

  2. Well I hope you do add the war system in some form or something similar because the Church in Begus annoys me. They make it clear they hate Ryen and all with demon heritage plus the way the archbishop controls the queen makes me angry as well. So getting to kill the archbishop and the one snotty angel that you meet if you get caught trying to take the gun back would be nice.
    Also being able to conquer the other territories would be fun as well.
    Also will Lace and the other girls in her group that are stealing the shards be added to the harem I mean Ryen has such a nice secret prison with enough room for them would be such a shame to kill them when he could train them like Kurohime. Also hoping we can eventually add Millaines and the Begus Queen to name just a few to the harem as well.

    1. I didn't realize the church and archbishop were already so annoying that people would want to kill them. :D I doubt it'll get any better.
      I already tested the war system with the fight against bandits. But against other countries it would affect a lot, so it's way more work to do. I might give it a try with Amagal first, after the maps in Begus are finished, since it's the smallest country.
      You'll be able to have some fun with the girls from your enemy, but I leave it open whether they'll be added to the harem or not.

    2. Yea the church really pushed my buttons the archbishops attitude and especially the angel that expects you to pay 6k gold. I thought to myself where is the option to stab this guy I know a dark sorceress who was begging for just 1 angel feather how much would she give me for 2 whole wings of feathers.

      Yea I figured the war system would take a lot of work which is why I'm not even expecting it till almost everything else is done first. Maybe you will be able to find a good coder to help you with that part if you ask for help on your blogs and stuff don't know if its just you right now or if you already have help but finding another good coder always helps.

      Leaving it open huh? Guess its because you don't want to spoil the surprise of which girls get added to Ryen's ever expanding harem. Well I hope you add all the cute girls to it especially Lady Akira she already seems to like Ryen considering how she used her magic and even gave us the option to keep Grey as a girl so we could have another harem member.

      I forgot to mention in my previous comments how cute I thought the encounter with Hellhound was the way she jumped around saying "Master!" while Ryen was trying so desperately to run away gave me a good laugh. Also the way she randomly runs up when talking to some npcs is a nice feature as well happy you added that.

      Oh another question about the map I noticed you used certain features in the world map to maybe indicate you might add new small maps. Such as the little green hills like the one directly north of central, the different colored small mountains and the large lone trees. I know from other games that when such features are used sparingly like you did rather then in large groups it usually means that eventually something will be placed on them. Combined with the fact we don't really have any mountain, hill or open field type maps and only a couple forests is it safe to say after you get the main features of all the maps finished that you will go back and add in smaller maps in such spots if anything to give more variation?

    3. The comment about giving the dark sorceress the entire two angel wings made me giggle quite a bit. :D

      You're right, I'm not revealing which girls will make it into the harem to keep it more interesting. So people who like the character will be happily surprised when it happens.

      I also like the events with Hellhound a lot. I'm sure she'll have some more nice events in the future. =)

      Those hills and lone trees weren't really intended for maps, but instead were just used to get a bit more variety on the worldmap. But maybe I'll need and use them for maps later, when all maps on the worldmap are already done and I still need more space. ;)

  3. Hey Ryen has a lot of women he might want to seduce having enough love potions for the population of all 4 countries couldn't hurt.

    Thought it would be something like that.

    That makes me happy Hellhound has a unique cuteness to her that limitless energy and strength of hers.

    Well as I said earlier you have a very big list of creatures that are going to appear and even if you don't add to that list of creatures you still might need some of that extra space. So if you ever get a creative streak and think up more creatures that need to appear you will definitely need some more space so all those features might just help you in the end.

  4. love the game so much the 2nd best game i've played on rpg maker

    1. do you have any idea of what kind of game you want to do after this is over.. i got one that i've want to do that combine elements of this and overwhored but i'm not asll that good at programing got any tips

    2. I have some ideas for new games, but Renryuu will still keep me busy for a long time, so I haven't bother deciding on my next project yet.
      Of course I can give tips. :) Do you have any specific questions?
      Have you already done any projects with the rpg maker or will that be your first time?
      Do you have any system outside of the normal rpg maker events that you want to make and need help with?

    3. i got mv and played around with it that about iti want to do it like your game with politics and combat but more of chaotic evil mc the only thing i'm good at is map design not really sure how to ask but i have a hard time with figuring how enter exit a certain map i.e city/castle and well everything beside map design

    4. I see. If you don't have much experience yet I would propose you try out stuff and ask or google when you don't know how to realise an idea.
      The transfer between maps can be done quick by right clicking -> Quick Event Creation -> Transfer. Alternatively you can pick in the event creation tab on page 2 "Transfer player".

    5. thank you for the help took awhile to say but was finishing up some maps

  5. Hey Netherpunch I don't know what type of H-games you like but I just found something out that was beyond amazing.
    They translated Kyonyuu Fantasy and its being sold on an english site under the name Funbag Fantasy I have waited years for this. Honestly I was at the point where I didn't think it would ever get translated figured I would die before it happened. Well now I hope tons of people buy the game and tell them to translate the sequal.

    So between your work and the work of other game makers and those who translate games this year might be the best ever for H-game lovers.
    So thank you for being one of the elites that gives us people who can't read moonrunes good H-games.

    1. I watched the hentai to Kyonyuu Fantasy but didn't try the game yet. Maybe I'll give it a look later, but I have quite a long list of hentai games I want to play so it might take a while. XD

      I think I'm still far away from being "one of the elites", but thanks for the praise. =)
      I can't read Kanjis either, but some games are also fun in japanese if the gameplay is good. My favorite company is Eushully since they have a lot of different and fun gameplay mechanics.

    2. Game is pretty amazing the longest route which is the "true ending" is over 30 hours if you read all the text which is pretty amazing considering its mostly a kinetic VN you only make choices a few times that puts you on different paths.