Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bugfix 14.12.16

Sadly a bug sneaked into the game which caused different problems after Kayelinth new scene. I uploaded a new fixed version and the files "Renryuu update files 11.12.16 to 14.12.16 (bugfix only!)" to update the previous 11.12.16 version without having to download the entire game again.
Seeing as how my patreon site has stagnated for a while I have added two new milestones to motivate some people to pledge. 
New milestones: 
450$ - Increase of the quality of all new CGs from Scarletts from cell shaded to fully shaded. 
750$ - Promised update every 7-10 days. (Should any grave events in my life prevent this I’ll make sure to write an announcement and make up for it afterwards.)
You can find my patreon site at 
 Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire -- 
-- MEGA --


  1. I see that it says that there are now options with the headmaid to sleep with side characters but when I go talk to her it just says no further options yet

    1. The dialog has been in the game for a while since it's planned to let you sleep with side characters there. Sadly there are no options done as of yet. It'll be added in one of the next updates. :)