Monday, October 9, 2017

Update 17.10.09

New content in version 17.10.09: 
- Changed catching system for monsters. Alraunes, Mummies, Thunder kitties and Harpies can now be captured with the soul lanterns. The soul lanterns need to be used in battle now, and have an increased chance when the enemy's HP are lower. 
- New dialog at the Whisperwind farm when talking to the Soul Lantern woman, in which it'll be mentioned that you can ask Sir Edward in your castle to build a monsterhall, which'll allow for more monster races to be released after capture. (Dialog unnessecary to proceed, if you already had the previous dialog in a savegame.) 
- Using the "Talk" option with Sir Edward after the dialog at the whisperwind farm, the Monsterhall will be available on the overview map. 
- After building the Monsterhall, it becomes available from a stair on the left side of the sleeping chamber. The maid Vivian will allow you to release monsters there, transfer them to other locations, and check how many monsters you currently have in all locations. 
- Each monsters has a relationship variable, which can be increased by petting them or giving them the item they request. Both option are usuable once for each monster, until you re-enter the room. Requested items change at certain relationship levels. 
- Blue, Red and Green Slimegirl, Ice Harpy and Thunderkitty have CG scenes at 90+ relationship, being available after giving them the item they request. 
- Thunder kitties can now be found and catched at the dungeon below Crysthaven in Amagal. 
- More green slimegirls can be found at the swamp below the bitterroot farm and at the forest near Ebron. 
- Alraunes and Mummies have no CG scenes yet. 
- Each monster you capture and release to the monsterhall will give you it's drop on a "harvest". Monsters with 50+ relationship have an increased output. The timer to re-harvest them is set to 10 when harvesting, and is reduced by 1 for each requested item you give to a monster and by 1 for each time you pet a monser. The amount is doubled for monsters you had the CG scene with. 
- The "big farm central", which can be seen in the monster list, will be added in a similar way as the monsterhall with the next update. It'll be the only place for small and big harpies to be released. 
- New drops for Thunderkitties and mummies has been added. 
- In the first dialog with Vivian in the monsterhall, she'll give you a recipe for powerful weapon and equipment, which requires the drops of monsters to be crafted. This'll give their drops more value and the yield of the monsterhall as well. 
- New events and CG scene with Ariana, when you picked to help her before ("Good" path events). If you did the previous quest and she is now at the sleeping chamers, you can find Mekboss Mashgul and continue her events at the dungeon below Crysthaven. 
- New nametags for locations on the worldmap.

Fixed bugs
- Sia event shouldn't advance in savegames from before it was added anymore and become unplayable. 
- Replaying Sia's scene will send you back to the CG screen now. 
- Replaying Bess' CG scene will send you back to the CG screen now. 
- Fixed the Naevy+Demoness replay to bring you back to the point you started the replay and not sometimes to the other character. 
- Fixed spelling mistakes in Moriko's and the thieves guild events, and in Sia's event. 
- Lielle's new scene can now be replayed.

Known issues
- Warmap still has some issues. Due to the complexity of the system, I could fix these "at the side" during this update. But I'm aware of them and will take care of it!

By chance, all 5 new CGs in this update are from different artists
Ariana CG by Scarlett ( 
Red Slimegirl CG by Mirayna ( 
Green Slimegirl CG by Karis-coda ( 
Thunder kitty CG by Burbur ( 
Ice Harpy CG by Stewcow ( 
Stewcow was one of the artists I contacted when going seperated ways with Karis-coda, but in the end I went with Burbur and Grigorart ( The costs to fund all artists is currently exceeding the gain from patreon, but hopefully that won't be the case forever. :)  
Downloads for Linux and Mac version are delayed until tomorrow again, due to my internet connection. My apologies!
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  1. (sorry for bad inglish) Im stuck in two tings/situations. First in warmap I tink that have a bug when I have to battle the blonde female general in academy. I click to battle her and the troop go normaly during 3 turns (start on turn 57 of 60 turns) and start the battle but when "Ryen" says: "According to our information, an enemy leader should be here somewere. Defeating her will be our top priority and will secure our victory." I thing that the word to what happens is "freeze" because I can do nothing more, only re-start. And the second thing is almost the same but this time I got a "black screen" and "freeze". I go to "Headmaid Ryia" and select "Maid Mary" do the drinking scene and talk a bit during the scene and when go back to chanbers I select: "Have her spend the night with you." and I got the problem of black freeze screen (have a white transparent square witout words "down" screen)

    1. Not sure if it's the same issue in the first problem, but the second one sounds as if you're missing files. The game freezes because it can't find the CG for the scene. Try to download the complete game again (it should be around 570MB big when unpacked)and move your savefiles into it to continue your previous progress.
      You can find a video about updating and moving save files here:

  2. Enjoying the updated and extended monster catching! However the traps seem to disappear sometimes, I think when you fail to capture a monster maybe. Is this intentional? It seems a bit annoying.

    Otherwise very cool! Keep up the great work!

    1. The Soul Lanterns are filled when capturing a monstergirl and can't be used again until the monsters are released. After the monster is released, you should have the "(empty)" Soul Lantern again in your inventory. A failure to capture the monster should not consume a Soul Lantern, but I can check if it accidently happens somewhere in the system.

      Thanks! :)

    2. Hey, thanks for getting back to me! I tried again and realized it might be to do with the monsters that go to the big farm maybe, and the Soul Lanterns disappear when you release one of those monsters, but not when you release ones that are housed at the castle. I.e. Slime Girls are fine, Ice Harpies are fine, but Small and Big Harpies are not.

      Thanks! :)

    3. I believe I also had one disappear when I used it on a monster that you can't capture yet (I couldn't remember at the time if it was one we could catch or not). I think it was a Water Pixie. I can't confirm if it happens yet with monsters that go to the big farm yet, as I haven't gotten it yet.

  3. Found a couple of bugs regarding the cagefighting with Brad. If you challenge Aika to a cagefight, you end up fighting Uruk, and you're standing next to him at the academy after the fight is over. If you go back to Aika and try again to challenge her, nothing happens after Brad says "Let's do it!" (it doesn't freeze, it just looks like the game thinks that nothing was supposed to happen after that and ends the conversation). Also, falling for a feint permanently lowers you block. Even after the fight is over, it doesn't return to what it was at the start of the fight (pretty much renders training it pointless). The one time I was actually able to beat Uruk (which was really tough with his stats being much higher than Seiho's and required a lot of luck to do so, since you can only fight and get training points from Seiho once), I didn't get any training points for it.

    On a separate note, I have a few questions too.
    1. Does the summoning circle in your dungeon (that you used to summon a slime girl for a sex scene) have a purpose anymore? Because it says in the walkthrough that you can still create one in your secret prison (in addition to releasing one from a Soul Lantern at Whisperwind Farm), but I can't seem to interact with the summoning circle anymore.
    2. Will you be able to train Lace or Irinlia like you did Kurohime?
    3. This one might tie in with question 2, but would you say that we probably have all the party members that we're going to get (that any new characters are pretty much going to be NPCs), or do you have plans to add others later (like Lace for example)?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. One other bug I've found. Feeding an imp that you released in the castle says that it increases your relationship with it by 10, but there's no change (at least when you feed it meat; I'm not sure about other food, since he hasn't asked for anything else yet). Petting it still works like it's supposed to, as does feeding it at the Whisperwind Farm.

    2. I'll check and fix the bugs you mentioned. Thanks. :)

      About your questions:
      1. The circle has no use. I'm not sure yet if I'll do something else with it, or remove it entirely.
      2. I haven't made any further plans for Irinlia yet. As for Lace, her fate will depend on how her future events turn out.
      3. I have no intentions to increase the party any futher. There will be temporary party members for limited areas, but that's it.

    3. It's weird regarding the issue with the imp. I added 2 red imps and another regular imp to the castle, and they seem to work like they're supposed to. Though that one still seems to be glitched so that only petting it increases your relationship with it. I also noticed that when you gather from all the monsters in the castle, it says for both the weak mummies and the strong ones that you're getting the bandages from weak mummies. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but the scenes with the monstergirls only works for the first one, the others just continue to let you build your relationship with them (like with the alraunes and mummies, though that makes sense for those 2, since there's no scene made yet).

      Regarding the new content with Ariana, is there some trick to triggering it (i.e. other quests completed first)? I searched all over Crysthaven and its dungeon, but couldn't find Mekboss. I tried looking there when I had chosen to wake her up, and when I had chosen to put her in my dungeon without any luck. Is it supposed to be in that locked area with the 2 golden statues (I can't find a way to get in there)?

    4. One of the imps had the wrong variable number. The relationship of an imp at the whisperwind farm instead of the one in the Aldlyn monsterhall was accidently increased. ^^ It's fixed now.

      Fixed the text message to say "strong mummies" for the strong mummies now instead of weak mummies.

      You can only have the sex scene once with one of the three monsters of that kind. It's intended that the same scene won't trigger for the other two as well.

      After the events in the Spire of Courage, when you picked to wake her up, a quest becomes available at the Aldlyn city board. You need to finish this quest and have Ariana be in your castle first, before Mekboss Mashgul will appear at the dungeon.

  4. I apologize for all the messages (I wish it would just let you edit your post), but I found 2 more bugs. After the scene with Sia, Vivian can no longer be found in your secret room. I'm not sure how to really explain the second one, but it sort of involves retraining Kurohime and a really messed up CG scene replay menu. It seems like it might be an unintended effect of the fix you did for the scene replay with Naevy and the Demoness (it doesn't occur from actually seeing the scene for the first time). You should hopefully be able to see what I mean if you go to your dungeon after replaying the scene.

    1. I at least found a temporary fix for the Sia bug. Replaying a different scene that takes place in your secret room causes Vivian to appear again.

    2. I assume you mean the Headmaid Ryia. She "disappears" during events that take place in the hidden room and normally should come back afterwards. Sia's replay scene didn't have the trigger to bring her back. I assume that's the event that caused your problems, or did you replay another scene before it happened?

      The messed up CG screen will most likely be a wrong background, which is not correctly changed after replaying a scene. Please let me know in which replay scene this bug appears, and I'll take care of it.

    3. You're right. I did mean Ryia, and it was Sia's replay scene that caused the problem.

      As for the other thing, I just took a video of me doing it, so that you can see what I'm talking about since it's a little more than just the CG screen (I made it low quality, so it was a smaller file size). I uploaded it here:!drAjASaI!eNpjuDmg2yE7TyPx4NF7GAQ1R3WimN3jymkbRAP7qY0

    4. If you're not wanting to download the video and watching it (it's roughly a minute), then hopefully you'll see what I'm talking about if you replay the Naevy+Succubus scene, and then going to your secret dungeon where Kurohime is.

    5. I already watched it and fixed the problem. :) Just forgot to write a reply about it. Sorry. ^^