Saturday, January 20, 2018

Poll: Renryuu merchandise?

After getting a Renryuu themed t-shirt from my brother for christmas, I played with the thought of offering Renryuu merchandise.

The merch would be stuff like cups or t-shirts with special images on them. The design would be shown in advance, and in a previously mentioned timeframe I would gather orders. This would make more sense than taking small orders, as the products get cheaper in higher numbers. The price for cups or shirts would be ~30€ + shipping costs.

The poll is made to check, how many people are even interested in such merch, and would purchase it if the design is good enough.

Below I’ll add example images I quickly made with some existing game CGs. Please keep in mind that these are just examples, the final product is likely to be different.

You can find the poll either at
or Gamejolt:

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