Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Update 18.03.06

The new update 18.03.06 is online and contains:
- New CG scene in Ebron. Requires the main story to be advanced to after the new dialog with Varea, and the event with Phraan picking flowers. Then you can meet Eloen outside at Ebron with a male elf in front of her. After the dialog there, you need to leave and re-enter the map to continue. You can then find her west of Ebron, where the path leads to another small forest at the storage building.
- Varea has a new dialog after you found the empty chest in Sunee. She'll give you two new quest.
- Lalizan, the poisonwood keep, the El Arma Gravesite, Lualombo and Sinasoka in Dorgania are now all accessable. The last 4 of these 5 have dungeons for the new main story events.
[Riddle solutions in the walkthrough, if needed]
- The second quest of Varea brings you to the Yang Tower. If Chiyo's Magic Knowledge is high enough, you can repair the teleport. The event there include a part which requires Mirel and Elly.
- The NPC's in the new areas have mostly nothing interesting to say yet. They'll receive more dialogs and quest in the future updates.
- Several new enemies were added, the most interesting one should be two Salamander girls, which change to their nude version when you've done enough damage. Give some special love to the artist of the new monstergirls shawn1013 at !​

- [The new quest "Fragment Hunt" can't be finished yet, since the events at the capital of Dorgania Kagabanghui aren't done.]
- [If you downloaded the version 18.03.05 yesterday or the day before, please update your game. The files were buggy, that's why I made another upload with the version 18.03.06 with all necessary fixes.]

Upcoming changes in the next updates:
- The warmap is still bugged and will receive some special care from me now.
- The new areas still need dialogs and events to fill them with life, so that will be a priority.
- Finishing the new quest by adding the events at Kagabanghui
- Continuation of the events in Amagal with the King and the Earl.


  1. Why is there no update only file for this version?

    1. I always replace the full version and update files in the folders with the newest version after an update. The version 18.03.06 is not available anymore, since the newest version is 18.04.10 now.