Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Update 18.04.23

 Update 18.04.23 is now up at Gamejolt, MEGA and HiDrive:
(Mediafire is missing due to connection problems)

- Red Imps have new CGs and dialogs, similar to the grey Imps last update.
- A new slave can be bought at the slaver in Sunee. She can be send to your dungeon, the brothel or your castle.
- The sex scene with the slave Miyako has received additional CG edits, so that she still has the cum on her chest if you released it on it during the oral scene before. The edited images can also be seen at the CG room.
- There are three new events in Kagabanghui. Two short ones and one a bit longer. In these events, you can help poor people to improve Brad’s trust in you, as his trust in you will be needed in a future event.  (The longer quests is supposed to have two possible routes, but currently only one is available. This route requires you to have 8 eloquence with Ryen from the training with the succubus. The second route will be available in the next update as an alternative. The result is the same, so don’t worry about missing too much.)
- Changing text speed and toggle auto-saving is now changed at a book next to your bed in the castle. (It’s the book that was previously in the entrance hall for the text speed).
- The “toggle auto save” option is no longer in the main menu. The list of options in the menu was also increased, so that all options are visible at once without having to scroll down first.

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