Monday, July 2, 2018

Update 18.07.02

The new update is online! 
- Amagal soldiers now have battlers that look like their character sprites, instead of a totally unrelated battler image. 
- Lace's battler image was replaced with a new CG as well.  
- Bugfixes including the replay bug for Tsubaki's new scene. 
- Option to learn/remove the debug attack for all party members at the book at the sleeping chambers. Ryen will still have the attack in save files until you remove it, but he won't automatically know the skill in new games from now on.  
- Units that are defeated completely in warmap battles will now reduce the moral of all your forces. 
- The turn limit and the need for the first battle to start the turn system on the overview map was removed. The system is now always active and unlimited, but the enemies will be way stronger when you go past certain turn numbers to make up for your grow. But since their max strength is limited, you can also just advance the turns so much, that you're way stronger again regardless. ;) 
- New option "auto-battle" for the warmap battles. This option will be available when you have enough healthy soldiers. With enough soldiers, you'll always win the battle but the loss is based on your total numbers.  Since you lose troops in this option, you might need to heal in order to use the option again for the next fight, making it impossible to just spam auto-battle without caring about your losses. This option is not available for the bonus battle in which you can farm resources. 
- The luminous torch quest can now be finished.
- Continuation of the main story events. The new content starts when talking with Varea at Lualombo.
- The walkthrough has been updated and I added a shop list in it. This way you can now always check where to buy stuff like bread, fish, ropes or golden crosses.

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