Friday, November 2, 2018

Update 18.11.01

New version 18.11.01 is up for windows, update files .zip and for android/iOS version as an apk file! Mac and Linux versions are still uploading.

- Several new events and CGs with Vampire.
-  Fixed the bugged second mine on the overview map.
- Anubis, Spidergirls and Salamander should now properly disappear from the map after being catched with a Soul Lantern.
- Fixed the yield box at the monster hall in your castle.
- Changed one quest name, as the name was already used for another quest.
- Fixed the event with Mira, where you couldn't leave the room anymore afterwards due to an invisible barrier.
- Allowed Jenny to actually leave the prison after you free her, instead to leaving her there. :D
- Fixed several spelling mistakes.
- Changed most quest rewards of items to gold or experience, as my program turned all item rewards into potions when restarting for some reason. >.<
- New title screen.