Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update 03.03.16

Small update:
- Fixed a savegame problem in the academy and capital.
- Fixed a few spots where the game crashed due to missing face images
- Added a blowjob scene with the headmaid Ryia

Download is currently only available through Mega, Mediafire is not letting me upload for some reason. I'll add the link once it's working again.


  1. Downloading it rn, will probably play it further now that the save problem is fixed!
    Also quick question, are you going to re-do the "secret room" events or just add art? I feel like some of the old ones were pretty good already text-wise just not very "diverse". But that could be a challenge if you're making every or a lot of female characters "available" on that room.
    Either way keep the good work, hope to hear from the game again soon :)

  2. The secret room still exist, but main characters will have their scenes outside now, once you have cleared the requirements. There definitly will be a lot of female characters available, but I don't know yet how many I'll actually make.

  3. I really liked the "secret" room idea, made the game quite unique as no other had offered something like that, really makes you feel in a "power" position as the king, I've always liked games where you can work your way and develop the relationship (kinda of the "corruption" of the character) towards a scene instead of just story line ones popping up, feels more rewarding. Hopefully you'll find a good way to implement the "secret room" and keep it alive :P
    Would love you if kept some options with most characters there even if they don't have a CG.