Sunday, February 28, 2016

Demo version now available in the download section!

The MV version demo is finally ready for you! With 3 sex scenes complete with CGs, this is just the beginning :D Now that the transfer from the old VX Ace version to the new MV one is finished, I'll have a lot more time to work on actuall new content and more sex scenes =) Several pictures are already done and just wait to be implemented into the game :3

As the transfer from the RPG Maker version VX to MV is prone for bugs, please tell me about any findings or just give me any feedback to help improve the game =) Either leave a comment or write me a mail to .

Thank you very much for your interest in my game and have fun playing it <3


  1. Hey, I just downloaded your game and I've only played it for a short amount of time, but so far I've run into a few things that could be worth checking. The first one of them is that when you save(not quite sure if it saves at all) but the "File 1,2,3,etc." on the save menu don't change at all, which kinda leaves me in the doubt if the game is actually saving properly or not, other thing that I've noticed is that sometimes when walking on the castle, leaving the throne room, often one of the guards walking will stop right in front of the two ones who are guarding the passage, making it impossible to leave the room for like 30secs, which can be annoying.
    Other than that the game is looking very good on the new engine! A few things that could be added IMO, and that I think would make the gameplay experience more enjoyable are a "quest journal" that would allow you to see ongoing events and give you some tips on where to go so you don't "loose" yourself in the middle of the quest line, and one thing I really liked on the older version of the game,and that seems to be gone on this one, was the "Debug Attack", because even though that was a testing tool It allowed me to through out the game without having to spend much time grinding or struggling on the fights. I think this would be a really cool and probably simple addition that would allow those who are not much into the grinding aspect of the game to have a more enjoyable run!
    Either way the game development is looking great and I cannot wait to see more content being added. I will try to report every bug that I run into so it can get fixed prior to the next release. Sorry for the long post and keep the good work :)
    (also the blog seems to be in German, which makes it a bit hard to browse through,comment,etc.)

  2. Yeah, the game appears to not be saving at all for some reason, pretty game breaking bug. Hope you can fix it soon!

  3. Thanks for your feedback <3
    - I'll investigate the problem with savegames!
    - Questlog is planned, I just haven't implemented it yet :)
    - Debug attack was taken out to get more inside about the balancing, but I might add it again, once I'm sure every battle is beatable:D
    - Don't be sorry for a long post, I appreciate all help =)
    - I thought the blog would just be in german to me, not in general :D I changed it to english now ;)