Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Update 13.04.16

New version uploaded!

- 2 new areas in Begus with 1 new dungeon
- Several bugs fixed, including a game breaker in the secret mines of Amagal
- Monster essence can now be used to make a slimegirl for a sex scene
- New skill for Elly
- The Firespirit got a visual overhaul:

Thanks to TKZ Productions for several cutsom made charsets. You can visit them at


Edit: Had a problem with missing files in the 13.04.16 version. The new 14.04.16 version has this fixed.


  1. there seems to be a problem with one of the files in this version when i go to a tower and open a red chest i get the following error failed to load:audio/se/chest.ogg

  2. Thanks for reporting it! It'll be fixed in the next uploaded version :)