Saturday, April 30, 2016

Update 30.04.16

New game version available!

- 3 new CG pictures
- The present item "Meat" can now be bought at the abandoned farm.
- The present item "Golden Cross" can now be bought at the magic store in the capital of Begus.
- The south dungeon in central now needs Sandra to open a door before you can go to the third floor.
- You can find special books at various places now, which will increase Chiyos "Magic Knowledge". The value has no effect yet, though.
- The ghost Shey now appears in your castle, after released from her dungeon.
- Kayelinth is now obtainable, if you feed the little baby dragon some vegetables.
- New scene for Ryoko, if you have enough relationship and a certain amound of her "need for order" value.
- New character quest for Sandra in the swamps past the abandoned farm. For this you'll need to go to the new "wooden house" map, shown in the screenshot below.


  1. She can be found in a dungeon below the abandoned village in Amagal, the country up north. You can see the place on the world map and the entrance in the screenshot linked below. The entrance is in the bottom left corner and can't be seen if you stay on the road ;)

  2. How do you improve relationships with Dorgania?

    1. Dorgania does not exist in the current version, so opening the border is impossible and improving the relationship with them has no point. :)