Friday, July 1, 2016

Update 02.07.16

The newest update is online!
- The public health upgrade no. 1 now opens the clinic in the capital.

- The public health upgrade no. 2 now opens the bathhouse in the capital.
- The pubilc safety upgrade no. 1 creates a new police force with their own headquarters
- New eventline for Mirel with her second CG scene. The new events start at the elven village by talking to the Chief once all requirements are met.
- Several dialogs at the start were improved.

Download folder for newest game version and walkthrough:
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-- MEGA --


  1. Managed to teleport out during coming of age trial .

    1. I thought I disabled he teleport during the event but I guess I must have missed something. I'll take another look at it and fix it. Thanks for telling me!

  2. -If you talk to vampire at the bath, the talks end with an <vampire. The same happens while you talk with the police officer the upgrade the area, with our friendly auntie elf whose name I already forgot and maybe in the talk with Flora too, but my great brain is already unsure about it.

    If you try to talk with Mirel after the trail, she refuse to talk with you trough an bug.

    -Will we need the handcufs for naughty thinks or for an lawful act? Well, I will probaly see it in the future.

    -Nice update again, but I have an question for that I actually want an answer. Do you have more planned for the transformation woman at the bath? She could be quite helpful, for an espionage network for example, well if we can find out that she is trust worthy or just for some funny and naughty stuff. It would be funny to transform an rapist into the other gender while he/she is in the prison.

    1. -I'll fix the dialogs. :)
      -Mirels new dialog is fixed for the next update.
      -The handcuffs have no use yet so I can still make it into whatever I want. :D The first idea was naughty stuff but it doesn't need to be limited to that.
      - I definitely want to do some more with the woman but haven't decided on a certain path yet. :) I like the idea with the espionage network if her ability would let you change into other people. I'll give it some thought. =)

  3. Maby You Could MAke THat Woman Something Along The Lines Of a Master Spy But Extremely Perverted And Horny (LIke a Certain Pervy Toad Sage FRom Naruto Jiraiya (Coff)

  4. East and West are continually mixed up, for example in the quest "Old Barracks" it says it's south-west of the capital when in actual fact it's south-east. This issue continue throughout the game, making all directions somewhat redundant.

    1. I'll take a look around and try to fix all cases of this mistake. :) Thanks for telling me.