Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Update 13.07.16

A new version has been uploaded.

- A MacOS version for the game updates will be uploaded from now on.
- The new version contains a new character sprite and a CG picture for the Ice Spirit
- Several bugfixes
- Improvments on dialogs
- New CG scene (Spoiler details below )
// You can have some fun with Vampire in the bathhouse if you talk to her with at least 60 relationship points and the previous CG event done. //

The walkthrough has not been updated as I’m working on a wikia page to replace it. I think the wikia will be better arranged than a pdf file and make it easier to find the informations you seek. You can find it at:

Download folder for newest game versions:
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --


  1. Maybe I'm a little old fashioned then, but I happen to like the pdf format a little better. Plus those documents are searchable too. I think the big advantage is the lack of all the horrendous ads that wikia is flooded with. Even with an adblocker up and running you still will find the browsing is a lot slower than a lot of websites. That and its not as convenient to print out if the player wanted to print a hard copy to read through on hand.

    1. I wouldn't mind keeping and updating the pdf as well but in it's current state it feels rather clumsy. Maybe changing the structure a bit would help. I'm open for ideas if you have any. :D