Sunday, November 20, 2016

Update 20.11.16

The new update is online and contains:
- Red Imps at the Whisperwind farm now seperated from normal Imps
- New visual and 3 new requests for the city board during which you'll be able to play as the catgirl Jackie and a new slimegirl character.
- The book author/seller in Thremten now sells books even if you don't have Tsubakis quest for a book about warfare
- Knocky in Ebron now sells a recipe for Katryx armors after you had the dialog about the Katryx weapon with her.
- The succubus can only increase your relationship with other countries up to 5 times. (Counts starts at zero even in saves where you already had used this option)
- The warmap has a new battle system and formation is replaced by research.
- Units in the new warmap battle system gain experience for each defeated enemy soldier.
- You can now craft Big Potions.

General information:
- You can continue to play your old progress by copying the old save folder into the folder of the new game version.
-  Saveslot 19 and 20 are used for auto-saves. Don’t save your own  progress there if you don’t want it to get overwritten with auto-saves  or toggle off auto-saves in the main menu.
- You can find a "update  files only" zip in the download folder, which contains only the  changed/added files since the last version 06.11.16. If you already have  the previous version you can download these files by themselves instead  of downloading the entire game again. These files are not necessary  when you download the entire new game version "Renryuu Ascension  Testversion 20.11.16". I  would appreciate it if someone could help me by writing a good  summary/description of the game. I would use this to replace my outdated  game description at the places the game has been posted.

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --


  1. what`s the damn code for the "treasure hunt"? I`ve tried every combonation

    1. 2-5-6-4 You needed to count the things mentioned on the stone plates hanging not directly above the ground but higher, as it was mentioned that the god of death only cared about "those above others".

  2. Replies
    1. The big green dragons can't be defeated. You only have to stay alive long enough for an event to trigger during the battle.