Sunday, November 27, 2016

Update 27.11.16

A new update is online, but since I had almost no time to work on the game this week it has no new content. Instead it mostly contains improvements and fixes:

- Red imps already caught with soul lanterns can now be catched again. This is to prevent people with save files from before the last update to miss out on the red imps on the farm. As with all other monster types on the farm, only up to 3 are visible on the farm no matter how many you catch.
- Lower speed on the city board to make selecting events easier.
- The warmap not has the option to reset in order to play it again from the start.
- Small balance changes on the katryx armor parts.
- Fixed the request quest from the doctor for Wild Dispel Herbs.
- The warmap now has different music in the background for the map and strategy parts.

There wasn't enough time to have my gametester check everything, so if you find any bugs please be so kind to leave a comment and inform me about it.

I probably won't be able to make much new content next week as well but afterwards I'll have a lot more time again. So I thought we could use the time to talk about all the stuff which I was planning to work on in the near future. Please keep in mind that this list does not contain everything and is missing general stuff like new CG scenes and new maps.

- Continuation of the main story line
- More Monsters and events for the Whisperwind farm
- More about the Windspirit and her conection to Vampire/Ryen
- Events for the ghostgirl Shey, Hellhound and Leneth.
- Alternative way to get the CG scene for Millaine if you decided not to open her box
- Headmaid choices to sleep with side characters
- More about the noble girl Elina
- Merchant / Spy associations
- Result of your choices during Miras quest with the Icespirit
- More paperwork on your desk
- Option to set laws and policies for your kingdom
- Battle with Lace after obtaining the Katryx Blade
- Event about the friendship between Kayelinth and Chiyo
- More political meetings with other countries
- Events with the commander of your old academy

Please feel free to write in the comments what you're looking to or what you're not really interested in.

In the picture above you can see the design of a monster hall in the top level of your castle. It's supposed to be similar to the Whisperwind farm and provide housing made especially for the different types of monsters in the game. Currently I don't have enough unique monsters to make proper use of this, so it won't be used for a long time, but once I got more this is where you'll be able to keep and play with them. :)

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --


  1. - More paperwork on your desk

    I don't know why, but I'm mostly looking forward to that. Kayelinth and Chiyo are my second favorite thing on this list. Will they share an favorite vegetable or will this be an 'like-sisters' thing?

    1. The events between Kayelinth and Chiyo will definitely not be about vegetable. I think Kayelinth alone has enough about that topic. :D A sister like relationship might be pretty close actually.

  2. Where us the forest from Jackie's quest can we go to it

    1. It's currently not possible to enter the forest from Jackie's quest outside of her event. It was especially made for this event.

  3. Also how to get war map tried to declare war but disabled

    1. You can enter the warmap by talking to an npc at the bottom right room in the sleeping area of your castle. Currently only a skirmish against a few bandits is available, no battle against other countries.

  4. when doing the bandits quest the bandit that calls out they're here get them, gets stuck in the area after the fight.

    atleast that's what I've noticed so far going through this playthrough since I do a new one every time you do a release, mostly for the hell of it.

    1. Do you mean the bandit quest in the forest next to Ebron, the elfvillage? I'll take a look at it and fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

      You do a new playthrough every update? Wow! That's impressive considering how long the game is and how little most updates change. How long do you need for a complete playthrough?

    2. 3-6 hours depending on how optimized I do it and how much I skip through XD

    3. to put it into context I can do a highly optimized speed run of the Last Sovereign in just over 6 hours flat, but that has some segments you are forced to sit through and a lot more dialogue.

    4. you have more then 9 combatant characters so why only 9 skills available in the lab for upgrade?

    5. Some characters share the same skill research in the lab. So you have only 9 options but all 12 characters receive an upgrade with them.

  5. Younshould put indication which current version it is to make patching much easier.

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. Every game version has the date it was released in the DD/MM/YYYY format to show which version is the newest, the update files show which version it updates to which and every update always has the release date in the title. The download links are folders and always contain the newest version of the windows and mac version, update files and walkthrough.

    2. What i mean is in game. In other games once it is is patched the version are shown at the bottom or in the credits area. This way, patching will be easy as you would know if it actually succeeded.

    3. You're right, there is no in-game indication of the version you're playing. I think I'll add the version number on the main menu screen to fix this. Thanks. :)

  6. Replies
    1. You don't have to "use" the recipe. You only need to have it in your inventory when you go to an alchemy table. You can find alchemy tables at most blacksmith and in a house at the Whisperwind farm.