Saturday, January 21, 2017

Update 21.01.17

 The second update of the year is up!

- A bug in Mira's and Vampire's replay scene was fixed.
- Soul Lantern quest was fixed (again) and should finish as intended now.
- Kayelinth' hunger and playlust, as well as Ryoko's need for order increase over time now.
- A bug with the paperwork being reset after Grey's new events was fixed.
- A new political meeting with Begus is available now.
- Some balancing fixes, mostly on Brad.
- 3 new maps in Begus have been added to the game:

Diminus Castle
: The new political meeting takes place here.
Skylo Tower: An undead infested tower with a riddle and traps making it even harder to reach the top of the tower.
Pumumu: A village of outcasts in Begus.

Changes that are not in this update but will be added soon:
- Higher importance of elements in battle.
- Vampire bathhouse scene available even after Grey's new events.
- Event during which Sandra learns a new skill.

Patrons  will from now on be able to vote on patreon events. These special  events will be created with an open end and patrons can vote in what  direction the event should continue. If you're interested to take part  and want to shape a part of the game, you can take a look at the patreon  page and all other patron rewards at

Download the newest version at: 
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  1. Well I understand what you meant by in the future the church of Begus will be even more hated by the players. I wanted to hop over that table and cut the Bishops head off plus considering how few soldiers were in that fort 100% sure I would win that fight. Besides what is the Bishop thinking giving that veiled threat if you released the Ice Spirt, their country is at war with the endless undead hoard its not like they can do a thing to Central if war breaks out beating them in the current state they are in would be like kicking puppies they can't even keep all the forts they have in good condition plus all the non human races hate their guts they have zero chance at victory in a fight with anyone.

    1. Looks like I hit a nerve. :D And he isn't even acting evil, just kind of snobbish and self-centered. Well, maybe the part about him and the yound queen could be considered evil.
      While Begus does have a problem with undead, they're mostly contained. The military strength of Begus is supposed to be bigger than yours, even if it may not look like it at places. So please don't start a war too fast. ;)

    2. He hates my cute Neko Girls, Vampire, Hellhoud ect. isn't it evil to hate things that are so cute?
      Besides the undead are only contained because of the magic sphere things they set up around the areas they infest a good kick or hammer strike would fix that.

    3. You're right, hating our cute girls is detinitely evil. ^^
      I like the way you think, that's defenitely a flaw in their defence. :D

    4. Tell me is Mira afraid of the Bishop or is there something in her past regarding the Begus faction of the church? Reason I ask is she was quick to defend Ryen in the conversation with General Raven yet she doesn't confront the Bishop in ether conversations we have with him so far.

      Well I supposed Ryen has one thing to thank the Begus church for, a whole village of only women. Ryen totally wouldn't get any naughty ideas about what to do with such a village(sarcasm).

    5. Mira is afraid of pretty much anything. :D But in the case of the archbishop I would rather call it respect for the leader of a church. A general is (normally) not bound to a religion, so it's different to talk with a general for an angel than to the head of a church.

      Never would Ryen dare to do something naughty in a village full of women. :x

    6. Well even if the war mechanic doesn't work out(I hope you get it fixed though) there is always a girl with purple hair and cat ears that can solve the problems for Ryen. After all a couple of knifes that glint silver in the moonlight can fix just about anything.

      I think Ryen might be on the path to having the largest harem in gaming history he has all his current female companions, Kurohime, Hellhound, Leneth, and I am guessing once the game is further along all the maids, Elina, Tally, the one succubus and then all the named female fort commanders as well as the Young Queen. At this point what is one small village of women. Plus that isn't even all the girls he has a chance with. Though I don't know about Scarlett I thought she would be nice when first met her but she is crazy well then again so is hellhound.

    7. The war mechanic is not the problem, it would just simply take a very long time to get a war with all possbile results and effects on the world to be implemented.
      "After all a couple of knifes that glint silver in the moonlight can fix just about anything." That sounds very romantic. :D

      With the help of Lady Akiras ability, no one in the world is safe from Ryen . *.*
      Scarlett (the artist) thought her dialog was quite rude but refused when I offered it to be made nicer. :D

    8. You know I have been thinking you might be able to start getting more money from pateron if you asked some of your supporters to recommend your game to people they know. I have been trying to convince people to come look but I don't have the gift of gab, I understand math and science yet don't have a clue when it comes to humanity.

  2. So the problem is the amount of changes that could take place based on a wars outcome so that would be mostly dialogs and npc locations for the most part. Yea I can see why that would take a long time.
    Hey isn't it best to sound at least a little romantic when you are eliminating enemies using the cloak and dagger method.

    That is true with Lady Akiras ability no one is safe if Ryen takes a liking to them. So Scarlett likes that npc version of her is rude that is very interesting. When I first saw her I was like must seduce her the color scheme of her clothing and body matches Ryen perfectly. Of course I guess her personality isn't the worst that award probably goes to Lace who Ryen when conquer when the time comes.

  3. Says i havent finished orc camp went back and now cant leave cave just saws should finish exploring

    1. So you finished the first part of the orc camp with Kurohime, but when you went back with the entire group it was bugged? Or what was the problem?
      It might be related to a bug with the paperwork on your desk, which will be fixed in the next update. The update will most likely be uploaded tomorrow or the day after.

  4. kind of wish there was more benefits to being on decent standing with the elementals, and the possibility of upgrading the castle to add more personal space should the harem continue to expand at a later date.

    also more options to upgrade your military would be beneficial down the road, because one doesn't always need superior numbers if they have superior skills and power.

    cause lets look at it this way North you have Psychotic Mages and battle Mages who well lets be honest could
    overwhelm most melee forces + magical weapons and armor.

    To the East you have battle experienced country with good blacksmiths and lots of mines.

    to the west battle hardened individuals who access to rare materials and more skilled fighters due to factional guerrilla style combat.

    and we the players in the central have? better civic infrastructure? there really isn't much going for us military wise. I would say figuring out a way to incorporate the kingdoms broad diversity and the elementals magic some how. as both would be significant tactical advantages.

    1. The elementals will have some more events which will involve them later, where the choices before will matter. :)
      There will be a higher floor for different temperatures, to allow various creatures to stay at your castle beside the normal girls in the sleeping chambers.
      Millitary upgrades will probably be added when I make the war system with other countries, since it makes sense to combine those things somehow.

    2. by the way ever get around to playing that Snes game Gundam X?