Sunday, January 29, 2017

Update 29.01.17

The new game version is ready and contains:

- You can turn into a female again, even after Grey's event, with Lady Akira's help, by talking to her in Witton.
- Several balancing changes: Elements have a greater effect on most characters. For example, Ryen takes way more damage from light and water attacks, but less from fire and darkness attacks. Also the def stat of several enemies were increased to make attacking with elements more important.
- Vampire's Fire spell was deleted. Instead, she has a new spell to make her normal attacks deal darkness element damage.
- New enemy type "Lost Soul" can be found in a few dungeons (for example, at the top floor of the Skylo Tower). They are light element creatures and take additional damage from darkness spells and attacks.
- New event for Sandra in the cave near the wooden house in Begus (where you get the mithril lockpick). For 15,000 gold, Sandra can learn the darkness element attack "Shadow Strike" in this event.
- Paperwork was fixed again, to prevent the reappearing of the orc camp event.
- New event with the maid Mary, which starts in the throne room where she serves drinks. This event includes a new CG scene. During the event you'll also see the new "Girl selection" screen of the headmaid, where you can pick the girls she can bring to your hidden room. (currently only Mary is available)
- Fixed spelling and grammar errors during the second meeting in Begus.
- New event for Elly, starting at the sleeping chambers, where she tells you about a blacksmith that sells guns. The merchant only sells simple guns, in case someone sold his gun by accident before. Selling a gun is impossible now to prevent this.

General news:
- On monday, I will post a poll at my patreon page for all 1$+ pledges to decide on the next maid to receive a CG scene.
- Within the next few days, all patrons will get a special update with the start of the patron poll event, and can vote on how it'll continue. The finished event will later be available for all players.
- I will announce 2 new CG artists, with previews of their work for the game, on wednesday at my blog and patreon page. The patron pledge tiers will also be changed to seperate the custom CG scene rewards for each artist, allowing people to get the CG from their favorite artist.

Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --

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