Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Update 16.02.17

- New map "The Drunken Cave" contains:
1.  A rematch with Lace (you need to  speak with Varea about Lace and her group in Manastyr, before Lace  will appear in the dungeon).
2. Outside of the cave waits Maria for you, if  you sealed or helped the Ice Spirit before, and starts an event where  you'll meet the Spirit again.  

- New map Millwater, in which you'll stumble across a murder scene and search for the murderer. - Several balancing changes in skills and character stats.  

- New enemy type Water Fairy, Gazer, Ice Harpy and Minotaur.  
- Changed Mary's face picture with expressions for her sex scene.    
- Mary's and the Dark Sorceress scenes have been added to the CG  selection screen.  
- The paperwork still had a bug under certain circumstances. This should be fixed now.
- The Dark Sorceress at the Bitterroot farm has a new event with CG  scene. It requires a Love Potion, so I added a hole with one at  Millwater, for people who've already used all existing Love Potions.
General news: All 5$+ patrons will now receive access to the game tester version. A game tester version is made, whenever an update or a part of it is done and is given to the game testers to check for bugs. Usually these version are given out one day previous to the release of an update.
I'm against holding back content in order to give patrons the update earlier than anyone else, but it feels fine in this case, since I'm waiting for my game testers to check for bugs before the release anyway.
Download the newest version at: 
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  1. Replies
    1. eh by the end of next week I'll be able to explain, lets just say I think I'm making something harder then it needs to be due to lack of proper tools.

  2. Awesome two more women for Ryen to train in the future like he did with Kurohime we finally have Lace and have that new succubus Irinlia guess it will probably be a few updates till we can train both of them but that is fine and another possible future women for him to take later on that fallen angel Bellatrix.

    1. Oh also forgot to mention that I am happy that Ryen is now on the path to make the Dark Sorceress his might take a while but eventually she will come around and will be giving herself to him.

  3. Do you have to do something special to break Lace's armor with the Katryx Blade? I still do 0 damage when attacking.

    1. When Ryen has the Katryx Blade equipped, he gains the skill "Armor Crushing". You have to use this skill in order to break her armor. The skill has a chance to fail on her and requires 3 successful hits on her armor to completely break it.

    2. Ah, didn't notice that! Thanks for the reply!