Saturday, March 4, 2017

Update 04.03.17

The new version is up and contains 2 new eventlines and a total of 10 new CGs for 3 different scenes.

- CGs added for Irinlia's sex scene and added her scene to the CG selection screen.
- A new event with Mirel, if you've met the Earthspirit and her comming of age ceremony done. (You'll need to talk twice with her, to trigger the new event)
- After the new event with Mirel, Flora will become available at the headmaid for a sex scene.
- New eventline starting at the Aldlyn city board, if you have build and seen the new police headquarters building (you can purchase it from the officer in charge at the police headquarters). These events include 2 text only scenes and a sex scene with CGs at the end. New maps for this event include a new dungeon with a short switch riddle and the thieves guild secret hideout.

- The walkthrough has been updated. Feel free to write me comments or mails to, if you think something is still missing in the walkthrough.

Download the newest version at: 
Mediafire -- 
MEGA -- 
Edit: There was a bug in the secret dungeon, after replaying Irinlia’s scene from the CG selection screen. I’ll upload a fixed version, once I’m sure there aren’t any other bugs. Until then, you can get the files to fix the problem here:!O1ASCR5R!EdZKMoPIK0e80LSJk4wCiPnVXrlB8bMKLLqLjxmvGPU


  1. i think you have plans for the slave marked at thieves guild?
    a nice idea for a update - the brave hero buy all the slaves and release them... or the bad guy hero buy all the slaves and bring all nice girls to the secret dungeon and build a new torture room exclusive for the slave girls