Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Update 17.04.19

The new version is done and contains a lot of new maps and CGs!
- 13 Floors for the new map Spire of Courage [3 safe floors, 3 base fighting floors, 3 easy floors, 2 medium floors and 2 advanced floors].
- The easy floor ends with an event, that can lead to a CG scene when you win the fight and make the right choice afterwards.
- Medium floor introduces the Tigergirl patreons have voted on before. Her events aren't finished yet, she'll receive a CG scene later.
- Hard floor will bring back a good friend for a rematch, unless you haven't met her yet.
- Several new enemy battler CGs
- New skill "Dark Blade" for Ryen at level 15
- New skill Mana Burn for some enemies
- Balancing changes for element attacks and defense of friends and enemies
- New CG for the scene with Chiyo and Kayelinth playing in the river
- New recipes, items and steel equipment
- Replaced some normal soldiers with dwarves at and in the Drunken Cave

General notes: 
- To help balancing the game, please let me know with what level and party you managed to clear the Spire of Courage or where enemies were too strong for you.
- I changed the system for the version number from day/month/year to year/month/day, so that the higher number will always be the newer version.
- At the time of this post, we're ~60$ short on the patreon goal to get a new monstergirl with CG into the game each month. Should you like the new monstergirls, you now know how to get more of them. ;) 
Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --

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