Monday, May 1, 2017

Update 17.05.01

The new version is ready! Beside a new scene for the maid Vivian, most time went into the changed for the warmap. It's not done yet, but the current version should be enough to give an idea to where things are going. Please let me know, when you find any bugs, and what you think of the changes.

General changes include:
- Spire on Courage added to the Begus south map item
- Ryen can obtain his new level 15 skill now by sleeping in his bed, when you play in a savegame where he was already 15 or higher when the skill was added.
- Higher m.atk for Chiyo
- Fixed the bug, which gave you steel instead of coal from mining coal inside of the Spire of Courage
- Fixed a buggy demon in the Spire of Courage
- Added a CG scene with Vivian to the headmaids girl selecion screen
- The music on all maps was changed to the same volume

Warmap changes include:
- Completely new map in between battles
- All unit can change class now (but require the necessary resources for it)
- You can heal and train new troops for each unit
- The first farm can produce Wheat, Hops, Pigs or Horses
- The storage can be upgraded from 20 to 50 resources max
- Watchtower can be build directly on the new map. A lot of buildings will follow, which will eventually replace the old "choice tree" of Sir Edward in your throne room for constructions
- Special events marked with an "!" symbol give short dialogs on the new warmap. For example, having helped Val's mercenarys before will give you a dialog at the blue villa on the new warmap, which gives you a few new recruits
- Constructions take several turns to complete, but are instant while no battle is active.
- Battles show you the win/loss condition at the start now, and a "victory" or "defeat" image at the end. Winning and losing will make you gain/lose supplies
- If your supplies drop below zero, they'll stay at zero but the moral of your troops goes down.

Bugs I'm aware of:
- Problem with unintended change of looking direction of enemy units when they're marked as in your attack range
- The AP counter sometimes doesn't refresh after the turn ends. The unit has the correct amount of AP, but the display is not updating until you move the unit again.

Download the newest version at:  
-- Mediafire -- 
-- MEGA --

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