Monday, September 4, 2017

Update 17.09.04

The windows version and update files for the new update are up! Mac and Linux version are being uploaded as well, but might not be finished at all places before tomorrow.

New content:
- New character with events and CGs in the top right corner of the worldmap, in the igloo.
- New events with CG scene starting with Naevy in your bedroom.
- New unit "Healer" in the warmap system added. They can be recruited at the Command Center building, or else you can change an existing unit to become healers.
- Fixed several bugs and spelling mistakes.
- The planned addition of the impreg image to all scenes in which a character can get pregnant was delayed for now. Due to some feedback, I decided a simple picture poping up in a corner is not good enough for something so major. That's why it'll be improved first.

Things planned for the next update:
- New cage fight system for Brad.
- Patron reward scene with two main girls.
- New events and scene with Lielle.
- Should I have enough time, I'll also add the CG scene for the maid Bess.

The previous Naevy image and the new ones are all done by the artist Grigorart. I think I forgot to give him credit before, when his first image for Naevy was added to the game, so here you go now:

Download from my own server at:
Or download at:
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  1. I can't heal my soldiers when I applied this update for some reason says no injured soldiers in this unit even though all of them are down. Doesn't seem to matter how many are down get same message maybe it is linked to the addition of the new unit?

    1. You're correct, a bug sneaked into the the vanguard units on the overview map. I'll take care of it! :)

    2. I don't know if it's the same bug or a different one, but if you try to increase the number of individuals in a unit, the actual number doesn't change even though the resources are spent.

  2. Found another bug but I can't figure out what the origin is when I enter the skilltree or CG room then exit it causes the game to darken like during "night" scenes. Thing is it doesn't happen in one of my much earlier saves or at the start of a new game but it pops up after I have done most the quests and have a very high level only thing I can think of is after one of the quests it triggers something that causes the dark to trigger when you enter the skilltree or cg gallery perhaps a leftover bit of code from the old system of accessing them from the bed.

    1. Strange, no idea why that would be. I'll take a look at it.

  3. Where are the Ice Harpies. All that I find are regular harpies.

    1. The ice part of the drunken cave one is in the upper right corner of it one in the upper left only ones I have seen.

    2. Correct, those are currently the only Ice Harpies in the game apparently. I thought I had them in other places as well, but I must've dreamed that. XD
      I'll add some in other places as well in the next udpate!

  4. Hi,

    I have downloaded your game for the first time a few days ago and while I enjoyed playing it, I wanted to touch on a few things I hope you will perceive as the constructive criticism it is meant to be.

    First of all: Your in game economy is all over the place. I am asked to pay 1750g for 2 units of iron on the merchants map, but I'm able to buy an "iron blade" which would use 2 Iron in it's production according to the alchemy menu for 1500g. Every blacksmith in your game would starve.
    Same thing with buying wood and stones from merchants. I can get 50 units of stone for 15000g but am asked to pay 75000g for the same amount of wood, while wood is clearly the more readily available commodity, as can be seen on the worldmap.
    I don't know how it's for other people, but for me stuff like this breaks immersion, because I have to think how stupid Ryen has to be to risk his life killing monsters when it would be way easier to just chop some wood and get rich.

    The other thing I want to touch upon is the progression of EXP and other rewards for monster fights.
    The whole Spire of Courage for example is from a progression perspective pretty pointless, since the perceived rewards for comparatively harder fights don't get any bigger. the only place to efficiently train at higher levels is one floor of the "hard" cave in Central, where you can kill imps that are worth 1050exp and 1200g while dropping gear you can sell for decent money.
    The better weapon recipes you can get for killing inordinate amounts of monsters are the only incentive to go to the spire, but like this it's more of a chore and busywork than anything else. So if you could try to create a feeling of progression there, that would help immensely in motivating players to actually fight monsters in the spire.

    1. I'm not 100% sure but I think he already planned to change the economy a bit once the map was more filled out as the economy has changed a couple times. Also the merchant map doesn't always give you the best prices for items, there is another place where you can buy iron for only 500g per piece and that is from one of the blacksmiths so its higher then what they got it for. Also blacksmiths wouldn't pay the alchemy price as they use normal methods rather then alchemy and even if they did use the alchemy tables they also own the alchemy table as inside the blacksmiths is the best place to find them so they won't be paying any of the gold fees anyways. I think the gold fees is just to prevent you from building tons of items in them then turning around and selling them for profit in the same building you just made them.
      Also the Spire of Courage is pretty new and will probably be redone once he has added more enemies to the game.
      Reason why I say these things is there have been several areas in the game that were fully added for the other purposes it served yet the enemies you encounter now are totally different then when the area was first made.

    2. I'm aware that gold and exp balance is quite random at the moment. It's certain to get changed a few times during the development, until the game is complete and I can make a final balancing with all systems and options. Currently that's hard to do, since so much stuff and areas simply don't exist yet. But thank you for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind for the next changes. :)