Thursday, August 17, 2017

Update 17.08.16

The new update 17.08.16 is up and has the following changes:
- Rework version of the standing CGs of Mirel, Elly, Kayelinth, Ryoko, Sandra and Tsubaki.
- Skilltree and CG selection screen are now available from the main menu instead of the bed in your room. This option will bring you back exactly where you were before after you leave the screen, also with the "look" you had. For example, you should stay as the selection icon on the warmap, or in the uniform of Amagal while you're in their secret dungeon.
- New quest and a follow up event with Flaire at the thieves guild.
- After the event, you can find Moriko in the bar of the thieves guild and have the second scene with her.
- A new image will show when the impregnation of the Maid Mary was succesful. It's a 1/4 chance, even when you replay the scene. A succesful impregnation will trigger a switch for the game to remember it, but it has no effect as of yet.

Overview map changes:
- Fixed the south farm, to allow it to stop production now.
- Fixed a bug, where the logistics upgrade would only give you +20 instead of +30 supplies per round.
- Your own ranged units can now attack over other „events“ (which means over other units and some barricades). This change hasn't been applied to the enemies yet.
- Higher base income for Stone, Wood and Iron.
- Fewer units in battle 4
- Higher mine production for resources (you have to re-select it in save games in order for the change to become active). This change doesn't affect the gold income!
- You can now recruit new units at the Command Center building. The entire vanguard forces are limited to a max. of 15 seperated units.
- Lumberjacks can now be upgraded.
- Replaying battles at the arena now saves your HP before the start, sets every unit to full health, and returns it to the previous amount after the battle is over.
- Units HP and AP bar will now refresh properly after ending your turn.
- Vanguards on the overview map now stand in a special area, rather than in the middle of the worldmap.

Overview map bugs not yet fixed:
- Unintended long range attacks by some enemies
- Range attack on an enemy two tiles left with an event in the way doesn't work. I couldn't figure out why yet. Chances are other spots might be bugged as well.
- Occasionally wrong movement of the AP/HP bar, having it go to a different place than the unit.

Plans for the next update:
- Warmap fixes. Once the system is running smooth, I can finally continue the battles.
- Events with Cgs for a new character in the Igloo at the top right corner of the worldmap.
- Adding impregnation image and switches to more characters
- If I have enough time, CG scene(s) with Lielle, the maid Bess, Demoness or the Ice Harpy. Else they'll be part of the next update.

For the following update I currently plan to also add a new system for Brad's cage fights and a yuri scene with two main character.

The upload of the Linux and Mac version aren't done yet at the time of this post, due to my slow internet connection. Please pay attention to the version number before downloading, to make sure you got the right version and it's not still the old one.

Download from my own server at:
Else you can also download from:  -- Mediafire -- or -- MEGA --


  1. at least, a impregnation scene, thats my fetish ^^

    1. Im a little dissapointed with the impregnation scene, its hard to notice it XD, but least there is a impregnation scene, im happy ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Below the storage in thremten. You need to have the quest with Moriko first to discover it though. It requires the construction and upgrade of the police headquarters and starts at the Aldlyn city board.

  3. In the beginning when Trey first met with Ryen when Trey ask who Tsubaki is he said Excise my rudeness. However I have.......

  4. The grey problem the Lady Akira part loop. After solving the Grey Problem if you speak to Lady Akira the banter keep saying on how he is looking for the woman then she insist on meeting grey then end scenario leaving a unresponsive npc on the hallway. Same incident with the Beastgirl who is looking for a husband in the cave. In that incident Tsubaki in cg darkened.

    1. I'll check both the spelling mistake and these bugs and fix them. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. i ran into a freezing problem when i go to the tower or the deep elf forest it will say now loading but then it will continue to have it there indefinite (a black screen with now loading) i don't know if it came from an update or just me i'm saying so you know if its a bug

    1. What game version and operating system are you using? Do you play the browser version or with the gamejolt client?
      Usually that problem happens when you're missing files. The unpacked game should be around 550-570 MB big, depending on the operating system you downloaded it for. I would suggest downloading the full new game version and move your saves from your current folder to the new one.
      You can watch a video about patching the game and moving savefiles here:

  6. I can not solve the puzzle of Lord Redwood T_T.

    1. One hint, you need to find a clue first and then talk with a few people in a certain order. Just talking to everyone once after finding the clue might not work out. After having the necessary dialog to know the truth, you can solve the riddle by talking to the soldier next to the corpse.
      But if necessary, you can find the solution in the walkthrough. ;)

    2. Is there a tutorial with the answer in the game?

    3. No, the dialogs you get from the people in the house are the only hints in-game.

    4. I can not solve it, it is assumed that someone mistakenly poisoned the man with a mustache's love potion, but I can not ascertain who it was. Although he could also have been strangled while drinking wine.

  7. I have a request for an option to be added to the soul lantern the ability to release monsters we accidentally hit the capture button on and the ability to turn the soul lantern off so we don't have to capture something we don't even want just to prevent the dialogue appearing every time we find something that you can capture as it makes farming certain enemies annoying.
    Or just give us the option to sell the lantern as making it again once we need it is fairly cheap.

    1. I'm planning to change it more towards a pokemon-like system. You can use the soul lantern in battle instead of before it, and the less HP the enemy has, the higher is the chance to capture it.

    2. Oh that is better then my ideas and will fix all the issues I have with the current system. So I look forward to that change.
      Though I think the thing I am looking forward to the most even more then adding more of the girls that have already been met to the harem is exploring Dorgania, Amaranthe and the area with the metal modern looking warehouses at the south of the map have been wondering about those things for a while now but I can wait been watching the development of this game for a long time now. Of course this adds in the question is Amaranthe the warehouses at the south or is it an area not even on the current map since the only place it is mentioned is the port currently.
      Let me say that I really want to add all those women Ryen has met to his harem all the way from Millaines to the Young Queen and of course all the girls that have crossed Ryen. Just saying this so you know how much I am looking forward to being able to explore more. Always enjoy exploring in RPG Maker games.

    3. Amaranthe isn't on the current worldmap, the "mordern looking warehouses" are a little secret for way later. :)
      I'm happy to hear you like all the girls so much. ^^

    4. Yea I have liked all the girls so far even the ones Ryen hasn't made his. Too many games have girls sometimes even main girls where you wish punch to face was an option, I'm fine with crazy girls, bitchy girls or naive girls but it has to be done right and many games do it wrong where you don't like the character or many games also have sloppy writing where the character dose something that is normally 100% against their personal values just to advance the story a bit and then it never explains why they went out that far out of character or it gives a reason that makes you facepalm.
      All of your girls have personalities that have likeable points and each has their own unique balance and they don't randomly go out of character for no reason. So as long as you keep it up I imagine I will be fine with all future girls.