Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Update 17.11.29

Windows version and Update files only for version 17.11.29 are now online at
Mac and Linux version will follow tomorrow.

- Continuation of the main story line! Talk to Varea for the new quest.
- The dialog of Varea was changed. Instead of having several choices, she'll now tell you about Lace's location immediately and the main story will only proceed after defeating and capturing Lace.
- Additional floor for the secret prison. A guard there will give you a quest, which is required to get a new CG scene with Lace.
- 2 new cities, Minsk and Sunee.
- During the ship cruise to Minsk, you can talk with each party member privately. The dialogs with party members you don't have yet can still be obtained by repeating the cruise later.
- A new dungeon, which includes the new enemy Anubis and Big/Small Spidergirls with placeholder sprites. The character sprites will change once I have an artist for them. All three new monsters are not catchable with Soul Lanterns yet.
- Several important characters have been added in the new content.
- The old CG of the head maids blowjob has been replaced by a remake from Mirayna.
- Corrected spelling mistakes in several old areas.
- Added new music. The new enemies all have different music playing for the battles with them. I might make similar changes to existing enemies, to make the battle music more varied.
- Improved the overview map tutorial with images for the stength/weakness of unit classes, and a legend for the resource images.
- Increased starting resources on the overview map. The new bonus can also be obtained in save game, by going to the overview map from the dialog option of Sir Edward in your throne room.

I gathered a bunch of new assets, which will give me many new options for new maps and characters. You won't get to see everything immediately, but it should add some nice details every now and then now.  My thanks goes out to the artists, who allowed the assets to be used for free. You can find a list with all of them and links to their posts in the game credit page.

The warmap was not changed yet. I'll re-write the system for movement and properly test them in the following days, in order to make sure it'll improve things and not make it worse.
Other bugs in the warmap will also be taken care of along the way. I'll probably release these changes in a few days as a "mini" update.

An update of the walkthrough is also on my list for the coming days.


  1. I think there is a bug in the New Finance, laws and policies system, in the "Health Care", because down there in the right, it appears written as if the health of the people was low. In "Mid" no, but in the "Low" or "High" its the same as if they are lower health.

    (Sorry for bad English)

    1. I fixed it. Thanks. :)
      And don't worry about your english, I'm not a native speaker either. :D