Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Update 18.08.08

The new version 18.08.08 is ready!

Changes include:
- A re-worked system for the warmap battles. Players might not see a difference, but this was done to prepare for more additions to the system.
- New events and CG scene with the girl at Norhall stronghold. When you already had her events of delivering a message and reported back to her, the continuation of the events start when going back to the priest in the castle of Calterburry.
- New title screen. My plan is to change the characters and backgrounds shown in it every once in a while. It also features the release date more visible together with the new content.
The foxgirl on the left is just a teaser. She’ll get into the game later with a beautiful CG scene ;)

This update took waaaay longer than planned, as the warmap is very time intensive. That's why I didn't add any of the new features yet and will add them slowly over time instead. Otherwise it would simply take too long.

New artists:
- FoxyKuro is the brilliant artist behind the fox girl shown in the title screen. She has done a sex scene for that character as well and is likely to continue making images for the game about every 1-2 month. Check out her great art at:
- Kainkout made the Kimiko CG that got into this update. He has made several more CGs that are waiting to get into the game and will continue to do so. Look forward to it!
You can find more art by Kainkout at

Patreon changes:
I'll change the payment system for patreon to "Charge up front". It doesn't affect active patrons, but new patrons have to pay immediately when pledging instead of being "active patrons" for free until the start of the next month. This will help dealing with fraud and declined pledges and people abusing the system to gain patron rewards without following through with the pledge. It'll also make it easier to see if stretch goals will be met, since so far the total amount always dropped at the end of the month due to declined pledges.

(Download is currently only available for the update files and windows version. The other game versions will be updated tomorrow.)

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  1. I finally thought to save before the split up in the southern caves and finally saw every conversation, just to be shocked what an important talk with Tres you have hidden there. I think you should change that. Give him an other text there and let the real talk be somewhere else. Tres is even so not an really interesting character.