Saturday, September 8, 2018

Update 18.09.08

The update 18.09.08 is now ready and can be downloaded at the usual folder links!

- New events with the Queen of Begus. When you had the second political meeting and the other paperwork done, you'll get an invitation from her on your desk at the sleeping chambers. The events include several quest with two different ways to get to the CG scene at the end.
- The town Newkungu in Dorgania can now be entered. It has the foxgirl from the main menu in it and a casino with several new tiles, but besides the event from the Queen, not much is going on in the town yet.
- New dungeon floors at the Jade Cave and below Old Ashton. You can find silver ore there, which will be needed to craft white silver weapons. You can buy the recipe from the mage Allen after the events with the Queen, regardless of which path you picked.
- Two floors have been added to the castle in Calterburry for the events with the Queen.
- I added a text box with a thought of Ryen before the battle with Lace, to point out you need to use a skill in order to defeat her. There were several people confused by the fact that she wouldn't take any damage, so I felt the need to clarify it. ^^
- Fixed the bugged command center and units on the overview map.
- Fixed the issue of units not appearing in the battle
- Fixed the buggy AP of warmap units
- Fixed the dialog of the deserters at the Bitterroot farm and removed the teleport to the fort when you decide to imprison them, as it caused some confusion. 
Someone reported a bug with infinite experience gained from battles in the warmap, but I couldn't see any issues. When you have a similar bug, please let me know and tell me under what circumstances it happened. Thanks. 
This month the Patreon stretch goals for a scene with Bellatrix, and events aincluding a full body CG of Kayelinth mother were met. Look forward to see those in the near future!

It's been a long time since I tried to port the game to mobile. Please let me know if it works for you, and if it's fine to pack the game into a .zip file or if something else would work better.


  1. zip is not a port
    you need to "package" the files into a ".apk" format port
    like ".exe" for MS Windows OS