Monday, September 17, 2018

Update 18.09.16

Due to an unusual high amount of free time and motivation to work on the game, the new update is ready way ahead of schedule and has a nice amount of new content! You can enjoy 3 new CG scenes, 3 new monstergirls and a bunch of other improvements.

- CG scene with the small harpy at the big farm in Central. 
- Good CG scene for the slave Grime is done. 
- Added 3 new enemies: Cowgirl (Siriveta), Raijuu (El Arma Gravesite) and Water Lamia (Newkungu water dungeon). 
- The 3 salamanders, the 2 spidergirls, the anubis and all new enemies can now be captured. 
- Salamanders and anubis can be released at the monsterhall, spidergirls and the new enemies at the big farm. 
- To make the necessary space for all existing and upcoming monstergirls, the 3 release locations for captured monstergirls have been changed. Now each monster type can only be released at one of those locations. The existing count in your saves won't be affected by this. 
- The relationship of monsters that were removed from farms remains and is given to monstergirls that replace them at that location, to make sure nothing is lost. 
- Instead of having a system invisible in the background for the yield of the monstergirls, I changed it to a simple chest at all 3 locations. The chest gives you the drop for each monster girls multiplied with the amount you have of that race. It resets each time you re-enter the map. Also most monsters give their drop as reward for gifting or petting them past a certain relationship level. 
- You'll now see the battler CG of monstergirls on the screen when talking to one of them after they have been released now. 
- The APs are now refreshed when entering a new warmap battle. 
- Movement on the forth warmap battle is now possible again. 
- Fixed the warmap experience bug 
- Added the CG scene with the small spidergirl at the big farm. 
- Changed the title screen again. 
- Fixed some small bugs. 

For the previously uploaded mobile version, I would appreciate some feedback how many got it to work and want the new versions to be uploaded in this version as well. Since uploading the different versions to all pages I'm at takes a lot of work and time, I don't want to increase the workload if no one is using it afterwards anyway.


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  1. Don't know why, but action points doesnt refresh at the end of the turn.