Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Update 18.05.16

New update! Mostly for bug fixes but also contains 3 new CG scenes.

- Coronation quest can't be repeated endlessly anymore.
- Wall in the capitals barrack can't be walked on anymore.
- Fixed a chest which gave unlimited Iron Shields.
- Changed some item descriptions for clarity.
- Added CG scenes for Chiyo, Mirel and Vampire. All can be started at the sleeping chambers if you meet the requirements.
- Small update on the walkthrough. I would still love to get some feedback about what should be improved or added to it. :)



  1. Played for six hours already and has to say it's nice till now. But a few little things that bugs me. The blue slime girl just disappear after you farm all that stuff to summon her? She seemed obedient enough to held as an guest/pet. Maybe we could learn about the world and the monsters from her. It would be nice to have more options to talk with your party members.
    An bug? that I found, the hellhound just disappear after I talked to her in the love chamber and left the room.

    1. The entire monstergirl summoning system was planned to be much bigger, with different slimes and other monstergirls. It's one part of the game I decided to put on hold until I get enough support to pay for so many additional CGs. But I'll see if I can't fit a bit more relevance for the slimegirl into the game. ;)
      The hellhound is very lively and runs off whenever she likes. After meeting her in the dungeon, she can appear at several other locations. So it's intentionally that she just randomly appears and disappears from the hidden chamber. :)

    2. Great thanks.
      Do you have already some ideas for the public safety build option? If not an option to help the elves would be an special training for the guards that reminds them that they are normal citizen and how to deal with racial conflicts.

      Is it already possible to research more about the strange gold? Because the laboratory didn't trigger anything, should be it possible, maybe because the event was overwritten trough the Orangium questline.

      Some way to use the house where we freed Mirel would be an nice touch. Maybe we could send a few hunter there or an resting place for patrols. (Should the punishment for the elderly pair high enough to integrate there home)

      An option to rebuild the rundown farm under the control of the state could give an trading advantage for food, which seems quite valuable, if we look at our neighboring states.

      Does nobody care that there is an house with an prison and an skeleton in the eastern fortress? I think there are a few possibility to make a bit more from it.

      Is the church with the children and the drunk priest an innuendo to some events in our world or it's just my imagination?

      Is your mentioned wish for feedback based on the walktrough or in general?

    3. I have ideas for the public safety build options, but I'll have to see what works and makes most sense in the game. I wouldn't put special training for guards in this category, but the racism "storyline" will definitly continue.

      I thought the research for the strange gold was already in the game, but I just checked and it isn't. I'll have to fix that. :D Thanks for pointing it out.

      The blue villa can't be used for anything at the moment, but I like the idea of using it again for something. Same for the rundown farm.

      The people in the town obviously don't know about the secret prison. It was supposed to be a place where Ryen can be alone with a girl he finds locked-in there, to have some fun without the party being in the way. It's an optional scene I might add later.

      The priest is not drunk. The child just says he must be drunk since to the child his storys about an almighty being creating the world seems like he just made it all up. :)

      I gladly take feedback for both, game and walkthrough. =)

    4. Bug reports: -Never learned roar with Ryen.
      -Still have Millaines box after I completed the quest.
      - The guards in Begus next to the shrine thing aren't talking with me.

      About companion quests, the walktrough should mention the requirements, because I found Mirels bow without the quest and I'm relative sure I talked with her before and didn't get the quest. An similar problem is with Mira, opened the door without any quest, but don't know if I talked with her before. Seems I can't get her second quest too.

      I'm looking forward to what you have planed for the villa, farm and the prison. Of course to the other parts of the game as well.

    5. - Roar was considered a special skill by mistake, which is a category Ryen and Kayelinth don't use. I changed it to magic for the next version.
      - Fixed Millaines box
      - The guards don't really have anything to say, but I'll add something, so it won't seem strange as to why there is nothing.
      - I'll add quest requirements to the walkthrough.
      - The second quest for Mira was bugged. It was supposed to require the stonegate and her being level 10+, but instead requires her to be below level 9. So the quest was unavailable when her level was to high.

      Thanks for your feedback. I'm happy those bugs won't be in the game anymore. :D

  2. Love the game mate keep up the Good Work