Friday, May 27, 2016

Update 27.05.16

New game version!
It contains 2 new CG scenes for Tsubaki and Mira. Now all main characters have their first scenes complete.
Other changes include:
- New questline starting at the south fort will allow you to go inside the building of the farm south in central, where you can meet the lovely dark sorceress.
- The new questline also allows you to buy and repair the broken farm.
- The laboratory now tells you more information about the "strange gold". It still can't be used for anything, but at least you'll know what it is now. :)
- Summoning the blue slimegirl won't require any more essence after the first time.
- A new floor of the dungeon south in central is open with stronger enemys.
- Vampire scene condition has been fixed in the walkthrough
- New alternative condition for Vampires volcano quest. If you haven't found the trigger, the quest will still appear once Vampire is level 12+.
- Fixed game breaking walking events at the snowfort and the haunted mines with the Icespirit.
- Quest requirements are now included in the walkthrough.
- Ryokos urge system added to the walkthrough.
- Tsubaki has a new skill "Battle Cry", which will set all party members to auto-battle for the rest of the battle.
- The skill "Debug Attack" doesn't do damage against enemys with events during battles anymore, to avoid breaking events in battle that were not suppoest to be won.
- New present items "Love Potions" were added to the game. They can't be brought and will later be found in more places, but currently only 2 can be obtained. Love Potions have no relationship limit until which they can be used but require a certain amount of relationship or they will cause a negative effect instead.

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  1. Not much so say about it, just:
    -The group of soldiers in the ice dungeon with the ice spirit won't talk, an simple "..." would be enough so it doesn't seem like you forgot something.
    -Miras orgasm during her scene was strong enough to get the door our of the door frame. It bugged an panel down.
    -Also you can do her scene quest with the sorcerer as often as you want.
    - Even trough we already have an similar scene with Vampire, it's nice to go a bit further with Mira, our naive angel, but I would like to see that she says something after that and not about her watch anymore. (Maybe change the watch into something different, doesn't seems quite to fit the time for me)

  2. - Sounds reasonable to let the guards say at least something ^^
    - Door and quest bug were fixed in a quick update, which I'm currently posting everywhere.
    - I'll add some new lines for Mira. :)