Sunday, May 15, 2016


Since I receive questions for character locations or how to solve quests sometimes, I thought it would be a good idea to make a walkthrough for my game. Hopefully this will help people to find everything they are looking for. :)

It's still an early version for the walkthrough, so any feedback to help with the layout or content would be nice!

You can download the walkthrough here.


  1. This is impressive. A pdf walkthrough. Not many game makers do that on these blogs. I've really enjoyed the game so far too. I look forward to whatever comes next.

  2. I like the Game very much. After i played as far as i got i lokked at the Walktrought to see if there was something i Did not do.

    The Map im Walktrought is old. The Streets for one part are not in it. And i cant find the Elfvillage. Is it under the Street or how do i find it? I think this is the Reasen i cant finish to find the Bow of Mirel.

    I would be Thankful fpr an Answer.

  3. @lightningshifter 2015: Thanks! :) The walkthrough was a lot of work, so I can see why others might not do it, but a lot of downloads show to me that it was worth it.

    @Joshua Thoben: The streets are an upgrade you can buy in the castle, so your map can have streets or not. The position of all areas is the same regardless wether or not you have streets, therefore the map should still fit for every area.

    The elfvillage becomes visible after talking to the elven Chief at the blacksmith and afterwards with him again in the south-west corner of the capital. He'll show you the elfvillage then. I guess I should add this to the walkthrough. :D