Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Preview: Strategie map

In the picture you can see the first basic version of the strategie map I might add into the game later. Please keep in mind that this is just an idea and might look or play different in it's final shape.

The idea is a turn based system during which you can pick one of the six options on the right side.Most options will require a certain amount of days which will be used as a deadline and to have certain event start or be available at certain days. For example the tent on the map might give you a supply bonus if you visit on the 5th day.
The goal in this map would be to to have your soldier move from the bottom left to the building in the top right corner. On the way you'll be given choices depending on your position and what number of day it is.

- Move/Fight: In the picture you can see the soldier as a symbol for our forces. At the start of this map you would have the "move" option shown in the menu. If you pick move it'll then give you the choice to follow the street or take a shortcut through the forest which is more dangerous but faster. The result would be a shorter amount of days needed for the movement but could cause an ambush for example.
If you're at a point with enemy forces you'll have the fight option. Before the fight you get to make some choices for your tactic and you may be able to use Mobility to make flank attacks for greater damage. During a fight the DEF of the two forces will be reduced by the opposing ATK value. (DEF might be renamed to Health, Forces or something more clear.)

- Train (might be renamed to support):
Uses supply to get more soldiers (+ATK), heavy soldiers (+DEF), mages (+M.ATK/DEF), cavaleriy (+Mobility), archers (+ATK -DEF) or siege weapons (Less damage reduction from walls). Depending on the map you might also be able to get unique soldiers/heros to join you.

- Formation:
Gives you the option to pick on of several formations which improve your ATK, DEF, Mobility or reduce the damage from flank attacks.

- Supply:
Uses a certain amount of days to get supplies for more forces. The time needed might change depending on how far away for your capital/cities/country the fight is. I'm considering to add a constant decrease of supplies to make supplying and supply routes more important.
A certain merchant might be able to reduce the time needed.

- Covered Ops.:
Some certain characters with skills used in this special category can help you out by gathering informations about hiding enemy forces, enemy ATK/DEF values, reduce their strength by assassinations or destroying supplies.

Feel free to ask about anything that isn't explained well enough or leave your feedback if you have suggestions or comments for the features.


  1. Sounds really good.
    Train should really called support. If DEF represents the endurance of the troops instead of an reduction of the enemy ATK you should rename it into health or endurance. Maybe it would be better to split it into two separate stats.

    1. I'm thinking about adding numbers for each unit count instead of "health" so that you actually see what units die after the battle and it directly affects your atk/def values.
      A battle will take several turns where you can decide in the tactic choice before if a lot of untis attack or less. This will decide how much of the atk value causes damage to each other. I think this will reduce the damage you could take from smaller units and gives a chance to "scout" the enemy with a small attack at first and a full attack is needed if the deadline is close.

  2. Will there be things like morale? If it is too low they might disobey or lose a turn. There is also rock paper scissor type in type of formation. Formation A beat B beat C beat A. There is also rock paper scissor in type of units like calvarly is weak against pikemen . pikemen are weak against ranged units . range units are weak to calvalry.

    1. Morale might be a nice addition but I'm not sure yet if it should always be there or only on maps where it matters and you have choices to deal with it. (In case I didn't make that clear earlier the map on which you fight is like a scenario and changes for different events.)
      A rock, paper, scissor system would also work quite well with the choices for the battle I had planned. I'll have to see how to make it work best but it should work somehow.
      Thanks for your feedback! :)

  3. Example of the rock paper scissor system that i said is suikoden series.