Monday, August 15, 2016

Update 15.08.16

I made a very small update with some fixes.
- Hints for Sandras first treasure dungeon room have been improved.
- Dead plant as the treasure dungeon has been replaced to avoid possible confusion about it.
- Sandra and Ryen will now "share" the items from the final treasure room. This won’t decrease the actuall reward you receive.
- Made a change to the thief girl events to avoid getting the event with the portal at two different locations.
- Other small changes 

The walkthrough has been updated but I haven’t done this in a while so let me know if anything is still missing. :)
The RPG Maker MV got an update. I haven’t seen any problems with the game yet but if you notice anything please let me know.


  1. Even after researching the skill, Mirel nor anyone else learns Magic Arrow. Also, I noticed that the Nice Spear is actually weaker than the Iron Spear (all the other weapons it's the opposite case). Also, it would probably be a good idea to set up some kind of warning to save right before an impossible battle is going to be triggered (where even the debug attack does 0 damage (i.e. the dragon and placeholder girl in the mines)) so people don't lose their progress. The armor/weapon shop in the capital has 2 different items called Shield Ring (at least the fully upgraded one does).

    1. Magic Arrow was labeled as a magic skill, which Mirel can't use. I changed it to a special skill for the next update. This way it will appear in her skill list even if you learned it before the update.
      The placeholdergirl battle can't give you a game over and the giant green dragen seemed like enough of a warning. :D
      I had indeed two items called Shield Ring. I renamed one of them to avoid confusion. ^^

      Thanks for your comment and feedback! =)

    2. I just assumed the dragon was an optional super difficult boss for those who like a challenge (I only wanted to use the cheat skill to see what the rewards would've been before attempting to take it down without it).