Saturday, October 8, 2016

Help wanted.

I'm currently looking for people who could help me with some parts of the game creation.

Game tester:
Most important part of this job would be to test new game versions before release to find bugs. In-between updates they should try to break the game in every possible way to find any other problem.

Requires: Skype for quick communication and he needs to spend enough time online that a new update can be tested quickly so that I don't need to wait a long time for testing before I can release it.

Pixel artist:
I would like a pixel artist for a few custom-made tiles and characters.

Graphic designer:
Needed for things like banners, logos and a better visual presentation of some game elements.

For a unique intro sound, battle music, background music and some sound effects I would like to have a musician that can create those.

Please send me examples of your previous works if you're interested in helping the game as pixel artist, graphic designer or musician.

All applications can be send to
Skype is prefered for communication for all positions but only required for game tester.

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