Saturday, October 15, 2016

Progress report 4

The next update will still take a while so I decided to make a little report on the current state of it. :)

It'll contain several bugfixes for the main quest, Leneth, item synthesis as well as some older stuff.

A new feature will be the city board in front of your castle in Aldlyn as you can see in the screenshot. On the board you'll be able to see notifications for events, bounties and request.

- Events like festivals will be used for new events in different locations. Sometimes these will also be played or viewed from a different perspective than Ryens.
- Bounties on certain people can be accepted and will require you to capture or defeat someone.
- Requests are usually made by people looking for specific items. For example someone might request a book so you can bring him one for a little reward.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea that we can experience some things from an other perspective than Ryens.
    He isn't the most likeable protagonist, he is just to calm and always reasonable and in control, beside sometimes when it comes to sexy stuff. It feels like he has no flaws and is always right and good at anything. A little bit like that he is just an puppeteer ins this world and not an part of it.

    So that will be refreshing. Imagine, Vampire on an funfair. *giggle*