Monday, October 24, 2016

Update 24.10.16

A new version has been uploaded and contains:
- 3 requests, 2 bounties and 1 event available at the new city board in front of your castle.
- Several buggy recipe fixed.
- Changed the name of the time value "days" in the merchants map. This is supposed to aviod confusion of people who think they would need to sleep in order to skip days.
- Auto-save can be toggled on/off in the main menu now.

General information:
- You can continue to play your old progress by copying the old save folder into the folder of the new game version.
- Saveslot 15 and 16 are used for auto-saves. Don’t save your own progress there if you don’t want it to get overwritten with auto-saves or toggle off auto-saves in the main menu.
Thanks to my game testers for finding several bugs and helping to improve this upload beforehand.

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire -- 
-- MEGA --


  1. Hello, Running MAC OS 10.12 I am not able to save games (auto save doesn't work either) and cannot toggle to full screen.

    error message
    Error.EROFS:Read-only file system, mkdir’/private/var/folders/7_/mkrrqd89411chgs9ntwy9dp80000gn/T/AppTranslocation/E552C28E-6B7D-44BF-A37C-FEEDF84B05FC/d/'

  2. If I go into package contents and then load by opening nwjs then everything works fine - does that help at all?

    1. First of all, are you the same guy as in the previous message or just someone who had the same error? :D
      I don't have a MAC OS system myself so I can't recreate the problem. Did you play the previous versions and know if the error is new? Then I might have an idea what could've caused it.

  3. Sorry for not being clear, I posted both comments. I did not have the problem in the previous version so afaik the problem is new. If I start the game using terminal I do not have the problem so it is still playable.

    1. I made a new upload with a quick fix (if its really caused by the problem I assume it to be). Please let me know if this version fixed the problem for you.
      Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

    2. Sorry for the delayed response. The quick fix didn't work. I have been able to play the game by opening the package contents and running through terminal. It works fine then but I still have to reduce it from fullscreen in order to save. Kind of weird, I wonder if it is a problem with RPG and nothing you are doing. I seem to remember running into this with another game done using this platform.
      By the way, thank you for this great game and also for having the Mac version.

  4. the toggle acts up when you start up the game sometimes but generally a quick flip of on and off will fix that not sure why could be order?. Loving the toggle makes save management much easier. few quality of life things would be nice like an item or something to check harem affection levels, as well as nation affection levels more features regarding that Looser border travels maybe? just saying would be nice to be able to gain the ability to cross over to bergus without having text saying no content, unless you pass through the border tower, which has no road leading to it. speaking of the text could you change it to you guards say you can't pass here or something? that way it's less discouraging?
    More social interaction with the people of central and the court to reaffirm your position as king would also be nice since you don't really interact with the port or capital all that much.
    game is running fairly smoothely, and other then the few quality of life issues game is very enjoyable and looking towards the continuation of the story.

    1. - How exactly does the toggle "acts up" when you start the game sometimes?
      - Love affection can be seen for each character in the main menu -> status -> variables.
      - The message at the border to begus was changed for the next update to appear only once anymore.
      - Which part or how is the dialog with the guards "discouraging"?
      - I try to make a lot of interaction with other people but there is still so much to do that it always seem to come short.

      Thanks for your comment and feedback! :)

    2. - Auto save will activate when toggled off, if game restarts sometimes (I.E. closing out the game and opening it back up.) this is not a constant but a rare occurrence.
      - Glad to know.
      - that was to be a suggestion, for different dialogue for that message, which you addressed.
      - taking time to develop is a good thing, taking too much time can be a bad thing, extra content can always be revisited as a later date as a improvement, it's why different editions of games exist XD.

      That being said, the cat girl you chase gives you her name, then when you see her in the store she is no longer recognized by that name, and would love pay back on that art chick, who seems to be a redwing draconic.