Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Patch 17.06.20 with bugfixes and changes for "update files only"

I updated the "Update files only".zip to version 17.06.20 as a little patch. The new version contains a few bug fixes and small changes. A new full game version is not available and the patch doesn't contain any new content. The new update files also contains the previous files to upgrade from version 17.05.31 directly to 17.06.20. 
- Elly can't gain unlimited levels through a bug anymore.
- Text of the grey Turn-End button at the country overview map was improved.
- The dangerous forest near Thremten, the forest near Ebron, and the bottom right corner of Aldyln now have farmable trees as an income for the Wood resource.
- Plants now drop Wood instead of Logs.
- The quest Old Barracks now requires Wood instead of Logs.
- All crafting recipes that required Logs now requires Wood instead.
- All Logs you still have in your inventory can be sold now, as they won't be used in the game anymore.
- An image will now show the stats of the magic weapons and armors before the purchase at the laboratory.
- Storage max capacity was fixed. Any recources over the limit will now "disappear". - The previous update files were missing a demoness image, which caused the game to freeze at her event. It's added now to fix the problem.

Download the new update files at:  
-- Mediafire --   
-- MEGA --


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    1. can be added a option for to force to go 60 FPS if you can my pc is weak as f....

    2. is only have some lag spikes and is annoyng and after a wild is stay like this and need it to reastart

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