Sunday, July 2, 2017

Content preview

Due to some delay, the new update will still take a while and won't be delivered in the usual ~2 weeks after the last update. My apologies to everyone that's already waiting for it impatiently. :)

To make sure you're still up to date with the development, I decided to post about the upcoming changes and some stuff I've planned for the near future. Please keep in mind that nothing is promised due to constant changes in my plans, and some things might not be in the list but somewhere on my notes.
The list is randomly ordered, not by priority.

Feel free to add or comment on anything, for example what your favorite option is or what things should be prioritized in your opinion.
Things planned for the upcoming update:
- CG for Neavy's event, including CG selection screen option to replay it
- Small new forest map left of Ebron, where a girl was in the way so far. A CG scene with a new character will be available there
- New events with Lind (The captive after the 4th warmap battle. Possible with CG scene)
- Fix for a buggy movement option when going left/down with forces in warmap battles
- New Harpy enemies (obviously without the censoring as in the picture above)

Other future CGs, which are done or currently in the works:
- Sex scene with Maid Bess
- Sex scene with Maid Linda
- Sex scene with a Thunder Kitty
- 2 different CGs for a scene with the demoness from the Spire of Courage
- Green and Red Slimegirl sex scene
- New sex scene with Moriko (The policewoman leading you to the thieves guild)
- Another new character CG for a girl in the Igloo at the top right corner of Begus. Will also receive a sex scene CG later
- 2 new arachnid enemies
- Additional 2nd CG scene for Chiyo (accidently ordered to different ones back then, but haven't used the second one yet)
- 2nd CG scene for Vampire (wasn't used yet, since she got 2 bonus CG and therefore already had more CGs than most other main girls)
- 2nd CG scene for Ariana
- Yuri CG with two monstergirls
- Ice Harpy CG scene

Other things planed for the near future:
- More about Ryoko's past
- Events in/with Pumumu
- Main quest further
- New monsterhall/farm and more catchable monstergirls
-> Change of Monstergirl essence system. The spot to create blue slimegirls will become a monster encyclopedia and the monstergirls need to be catched and the relationship improved for the CG scenes instead.
- Additional events with the main girls, to get to know them and their past better and finally get to their sex scenes in the following events.
- Second earth element skill for Mirel. Possible with Non-H or only mild H CG.
- More events about Trey and story of the old King and his death.
- Thieves guild quest further, to allow crafting the gold armor and unlock Moriko's second CG scene.
- Improvement/Change of Brads cage fight system
- More about the woman in the bottom of the north dungeon (where you find Vampire)
- Further development of the country overview map including the buildings and their addition to the warmap, battles, events, as well as a change of the taxes to a new taxes and laws screen. (Will possibly include a new system for the brothel)
- Story of the Commander of your academy
- More about the noble girl Elina
- More girls for the Headmaids screen
- Replay option for Kurohimes and Laces torture events
- Further implementation of the main characters unique status variable (for example Trey's trust)
- Remake or improved version of several old CGs
- New political meeting with Begus, to continue the story of the young Queen
- Events with options for the slaves at the thieves guild
- Small changes to the skilltree, to fit some options to the new overview map


  1. How to get war maps i have vampire

    1. After obtaining Vampire, you need to speak with the general in the bottom right room at the sleeping chambers. The first battle will appear after the dialog with him.

  2. Nice new things to try cant wait