Thursday, June 15, 2017

Update 17.06.15

Changes from version 17.05.31 to 17.06.15:

- You can now exchange Stone, Iron and Wood items at Sir Edward, to turn them into warmap recources. (Wood is not the same item as Logs)

- The "stone seller" in the bar of Aldlyn now sells "Stone" items. This does not affect his role in the quest to reconstruct the old barracks.

- You can buy a limited amount of Wood and Iron on the trade map of the merchant Darude in Aldlyn.

- You can gather Stone similar to Iron in some dungeons. This does not require a Mithril Pickaxe.

- The turn-based system on the warmap now stops at the end of the last deadline (now turn 60), instead of stopping directly after the last battle.

- Warmap battle 3 and 4 added. Battle 4 introduces the first boss battle and a one-time full heal for a unit. Winning the battle 4 will bring the enemy commander Lind to your dungeon.

- Windmill/Bookbinder fixed.

- Changed the cost for lumberjacks/mines.

- New events with Naevy, which includes a new floor in the Spire of Courage, and leads to a sex scene with her (CG is not done yet, so it's text only for now. That's why it's also not in the CG replay screen).

- New CG for the first encounter with Brad

General news:
I made some changes to my patron rewards and stretch goal. Feel free to take a look at for all changes. ;)

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  1. hey can i defeat lace ? is to long since i fight with lace i using debug attck in not effect with him why ?

    1. It's impossible at the first meeting, but once you got the Katryx and Ryen equips it, he can use a armor breaking skill to destroy Lace's armor and finish the fight.