Thursday, July 27, 2017

Looking for new gametester

In order to increase the quality of the game and reduce the amount of bugs making it into public releases, I would like to add a few gametesters to my team.

What's the work of a gametester?
Gametester get a preview version for new updates from me, usually 1-2 days before the public release, to check the new content for bugs. That means you should at best have a few hours to spare each day, so that you can test the preview within 24 hours after receiving it.
In between those previews, I would like you to take a look around the game and keep giving me feedback on everything good or bad you notice.

How to apply?
In order for me to see your abilities and motivation, I want you to send me a report as feedback about any part of the game (or about my pages/posts), where you describe why this part or feature is good or bad the way it is. This report does not need to be a page long essay, but should be detailed enough to show you put some thought and work into it.

Please send me the finished feedback to

All applications posted as comments below, instead of being send by mail, will be ignored!

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