Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Update 17.07.10

The new update is now available!

Changes include:
- CG scene for a new character near Ebron, when you talk to the elf on the path west.
- CGs for Naevy's scene added. Scene and replay option added to the CG selection screen.
- Bar and Logistics buildings on the overview map fixed. Logistics will now add +10 supplies for each turn and can be upgraded up to 3 times. When you already had the Logistics build, you can build it again.
- "Other none hentai CGs" option added to the CG selection screen. Currently it contains the 2 versions of the chibi CG from the encounter with Brad.
- Demoness from the Spire of Courage added to the CG selection screen.
- New events and scene for Lind, which includes the first animated CG!
- The amount of new characters in the CG selection screen also resulted in a new page at the CG selection screen. So make sure you don't miss the events on the new page. :D
Everyone playing from savegames should start the new content with Lind's event, as there is a 15-20mins waiting time after you paid her 1,5 mio gold. (If you don't have much money, build both mines and don't forget to get the tax money at the throne room.)

Known issues: - Phraan doesn't appear in the town hall after the events near Ebron. - Sara's face does not disappear when going to the last CG selection page. Both issues were fixed after the upload, therefore the changes will be in the next update.

Download the new update files at:  
-- Mediafire --  -- MEGA --
From now on, you can also download the game from my own server. The download should be faster and completely without ads. :D  
Download at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our


  1. awosome you start to animated cant wait to see more

  2. the mines ar a bit slow or is that i take the speed upgrade and then i build the mines and dint change or is supous to be like this

    1. You can build two mines on the overview map. The second one becomes visible after building the first one.
      The upgrade in the skilltree increases the output by a lot. Whether you upgrade before or after building the mines doesn't matter.
      In general, the income is too slow if you wait for it, but if it keeps generating money while you're doing other stuff, you'll eventually have way too much money. ;)

  3. o ok thanks I thought is the are same one and thanks for the answer and thanks to make such a cute game keep it up

  4. 1 is the mines the same one as i go to 1 and go to second one right after is not give me gold or if get the second one it boosts the gold prodaction. 2 is the gay at tha bitteroot farm sopows to sell you wood not logs

    1. The second mine doubles your gold income. You can get the gold from both mines at either of them.
      2. He wasn't supposed to sell logs anymore. Thanks for pointng this out. :)