Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bug with Ryokos new scene

Due to a mistake you need to enter the Red keep first when you meet all requirements for Ryokos new scene before Kirsten will appear at Calbridge Stronghold. This won't be needed in the next update anymore but is necessary in the current version.


  1. Ryoko did great! Even trough I want to pet her and order her to think a bit more about herself.

    In the talk after her naughty scene was an <Ryoko in of the the text boxes.

    1. Also you forgot to change her speech at the sleeping quarter, she still hopes that she didn't get an order to undress again.

    2. Yeah she did really great. =)
      I fixed the <Ryoko part and added the speech in the sleeping chamber for after the dungeon events. Thanks for telling me. :)