Friday, September 30, 2016

Progress report 3

The new update made some good progress today after a rather slow week. The new content will contain more of the main story line and does finally explain what the "fragments" are.

It'll also contain more informations about the different races with Ellanore as shown in the picture above. More informations about some parts of it will be given in the dialog but feel free to comment what seems unclear or what races you want to hear from the most. :)


  1. You don't see that often that dragons are demonspawn. I would change Titan and Demon Lord. Besides the mythology origin of the Titans from the old Greeks, their name just sounds more powerful, like an natural disaster in an personalized form.

    1. I think that "demon" is a very general term used in different ways sometimes. Which is one of the reasons I made Ellanore and wanted to show more of how things are labeld in my world. ^^ But I agree that dragons would usually not be considered demons.
      Titans are artifical giants with metal skin who feast on magic. They're mentioned in the upcomming progress of the main story line.
      Demon Lord was meant to be the title of several very strong demons but it does look in the list as if it's just a "race". I'll change that and maybe the name of the title itself.

  2. Hm.

    Classing the Succubus as weak, of course it is your "world" letting you have your own settings, still, they 'can' be very cunning, even on the long term, making it so as to prepare over several generation (along with the requirement over time associated live frame as to eventually allow for a proper co-life along human (and others, if allowing for the succubi, I guess the others are close(r) than you might think.

    Given the hints we have already, Im pretty sure Ryen will(> should) have the occasion to change society (as he is already going with Elvenkind). Given his actual party, human are still majority (ratio) but otherwise, quite some others race, miam ;)

    To be seen, quite wondering where it will go, knowing it already could well go along with Overwored, Harem, Harem Collector.

  3. Harpy then, can fly, not like they are so easy to reach (out of archer, and then again, depend of their skills + equipment).

    Question then, what is the situation as to military/war at this time ?

    Ive updated as far as possible the equipment but now, it is the training that is not progressing (albeit having slept over two weeks (ingame) yet).

    Also, the police location, hm. Two cells + some space as to have the admin work done ? Could it not have been better to have the cells under and some rooms for guards up ? Or that for an update later on ? As it is, it is more than lacking, more like badly planned.

    1. To be honest I don't get what your point or your question is. :/
      The police station looks fine to me given that it was quickly build with limited founds.