Monday, September 12, 2016

Progress report

New update is making some nice progress. In the picture at top you can see the current layout of the strategie map used for battles with your army. In the bottom left corner you can see all unit types with the number you currently have as well as their moral, your supplies and the deadline for this mission.
All numbers change depending on the value you actually have so you always see how many units or how many supplies you still have left.
On the right side you can move the arrow up and down with your arrow keys to pick one of the six options you have. Thanks to a plugin from yanfly it also works to click on the buttons with your mouse now. (This will be also a nice addition to the CG selection screen which can be a pain to use with mouse/touchpad only).
Most options already work with only formation and covert ops still missing some small details. The only part which will still need a lot of time is the entry/exit dialog and the "action" buttom, which will include all movement and battles.

Another event I also started and will finish before making the next update is a dungeon where Ryoko will play an important role. It's part of her second CG scene. :)

The new update will be uploaded in probable a few days once those two rather complex events are done.

I'll stream on again tomorrow about the same time as before while working on those events. Feel free to drop by if you're interested to watch me do my work. :D

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