Saturday, September 17, 2016

Update 17.09.16

The new update is done! It contains:

- Improved CG selection screen.
- New CG scene with Ryoko starting at Calbridge Stronghold if you had her previous scene and have the first public health upgrade.
- Improved menu visual.
- Bug with Theremis at the capital of Amagal fixed.
- Several small bugs fixed.
- Every armor description now shows its type of armor.
- Every character description now shows what type of armor they can wear.
- Magic items created at the laboratory aren't random anymore but instead can be picked.
- Stone trap in the south dungeon doesn't give a game over anymore.
- Small balancing changes for Treys aura skills.
- Small changes to skills from the laboratory.
- The first battle of the strategy warmap is finished. I suggest to save before trying it so that you can try all different ways of going and fighting in this new system. Feedback about what you enjoy or don't and all bugreports are highly appreciated!

The Walkthrough has also received an update with the newest quests.

You can copy your old save files into the save folder of the new version if you want to continue playing your old progress.

Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --


  1. I had a few long loading screens here and there, especially at the rebuild barrack while using the stairs.

    While I liked the warmap, the actual fight was a bit boring. Should I put archer or mage at the front line when I try to fight their weak counterparts?

    I didn't find the Ryoko scene, at least I have her water axe now, which is sadly really bad. Instead of her scene at the Calbridge stronghold I found the cake scene, does t improve the group moral or it's an flavor scene?

    1. I'll take a look at the loading issue but I'm not sure if I can do anything about it.

      Yes all units are supposed to have something they are strong and weak against and therefore force a change in formation to deal with it. The battle was rather short with few units so it might not show all possibility.

      Ryokos scene requires to go to the Red keep first due to a bug.
      The cake scene was just a silly event without any effect. :)