Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Progress report 2

The new update is making good progress. A new event with CG for Ryoko is already done and a new CG for Kurohimes training will be added as well.
The new strategie map system works for the most part with only the actual battle missing. In the screenshot above you can see the current layout for the battles. The major information the player needs to see here are the formation of both forces (the order of the units in which they'll attack) and the number of units for each unit type. The dialog box will be at the top of the screen here so that it doesn't make it harder to see the unit count and formation.
Please let me know what you think of the current layout and if you think that something needs to be changed.


  1. Looks too peaceful for such an screen, but damn, it looks really nice, you could think that an herd of wild horses is right behind that rock.

    1. Too peaceful? I knew I would get a chance to use the dead headless chicken again! And some explosions! And a horse also made it into the picture!

    2. You should make an cheat code so we can have this version in the game!