Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bugfix 19.03.17

Two little bugs sneaked into the recent update. Kayelinth doesn't speak to you anymore, under certain conditions, and Irinlia's CG replay scene was breaking the game. I made the changes on both maps to fix it, and uploaded the map data files. This way you can quickly fix the game without much to download. :)  Simply add the Map040.json and Map213.json files into the www/data folder and replace the old files.

Download link:!TxgFQSCT!c_shhA7FbfVVYR2mxoI5UTGCldZAl7i451v6UxX1lIQ


  1. Is it normal for the warmap to just disappear the moment it opens? If not, mind suggesting what to do?

    1. When exactly does the problem appear? When you enter the warmap from the sleeping chamber or when you enter the strategy map, where you fight the bandits?
      Which game version do you use?

    2. i am playing 17.03.17. Whenever i talk to the solider npc, and choose to 'access warmap', the map just appears for a split second and then it disappears, however the dialogues go on, and i am able to move the character but there isn't a map at all, instead there is just a plain green field.

    3. I must've broken something, when I improved the system. :D I'll make sure it's fixed with the next update of it!


  2. At the repaired barrack, you can walk on the wall behind the crate on the upper floor

    At the end of the Morikos blowjob you wrote "as mumch information as"

    Used an teleport stone in the sewer of the thief's guild and everything was still dark

    Amagal, castle ruin, ground floor, upper left corner, you forgot to finish the line of skulls

    The cage fighting system is boring..

    What's wrong with the good heavy armor you get out of the tower with the imprisoned daemon? It double the mp of my Trey. Seems a bit much

    At the first floor of the search the different tower is an blood stain you can walk on, also on the second floor

    Scarlet is really entertaining

    After I got the package for Millaine(can we recruit her somehow for our country? Please?) it's still in my inventory. If i remember right, that she already had such an bug. Why you don't take your naughty stuff back Millaine?

    The sequenz with Meilira where you give her the captured monster can duplicate her in it. Next to me and at her usual spot

    I was going to explore the temple of death, just to meet Grey who's still a boy, even he turned into an girl before

    If you walk against the back of the doorman in the castle hall you get the first scene with him again

    The entrance room of the Dranhol mine, there is an crate with an cut texture

    Is there an way with Irinlia without getting Tsubaki hit?

    Sandras gift was damn awesome! I had to laugh a lot about it.

    Chiyos gift could give her +5 points to her magic knowledge. Got Elly an tiny accurate boost?

    I want to see Ryoko in her dress! :3

    Poor Kayelinth with her rejected present?

    - Now I play on the latest version!

    The scene beginning of Kayelinth and Chiyo was awesome, I had to laugh a lot again :D
    Kay is an cute nickname for her.

    Chiyo is so damn cute!~
    You have forgotten du update her dialogue after her scene

    1. MMaybe update the girls you already invited into your private room, so they say something different after it. :D

    2. Thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure to fix the problems. :)

      - Cage system for Brad will be reworked at some point.
      - It's not possible to fisnih Irinlia's events without getting Tsubaki hurt.
      - The feast of gratitude presents don't give any buffs to the characters.

    It was a long time since i played
    The story is still good and the CG improved a lot (they are great)

    - I can't equip the "Magic Leather Armor " And " Magic Leather Shoe"

    - I expected the "Magic cane " Stronger than the "Nice cane " on the stat Magic Atack but it's your choice

    - I don't see all the stat when i buy an equipement and can only compare the equipement on the team who fight

    - I used 4 Vegetetable and 4 Toys on Kayelinth to unbuf here but it didn't work at all. She still keep the 2 debuf auto-attack and 50% debuf. And having to use 4 toys and 4 vegetable in a dugeons to unbuf here is anoying.
    Before the second scene when she is alone with RYEN on the mixed Bathouse the bug when she don't talk still persist but dissapear after the scene

    - I Like the quest with Moriko. Where can we find here at the end when you fuked here one time with the handcuff . Can we choice to not fuck here at the end and get an alternative end ?

    - I enjoyed the quest with Jackie . Was so funny to see Ryen get chassed by an army of Slime blue girl

    - It would be good if bandits apear some time on the Trader map for a change (Darude in the city Aldlyn). The mine on the trader map sale nothing after 4 or 3 sales

    - The Maid Flora use potion to get pregnant or potion to get not pregnant. Do you inted to make a pregnancy and children system ?

    - I could't find another chalenger for Brad on the cage system after i defeat Seiho in the city of Aldlyn. I like the system cage

    - The mission with Kurohime to infiltrate the orc base is good

    - I hope Sara will get punished to have abused of the bounty to get his loved back ^^

    Godd luck with the next update and sorry for my bad english

    1. - "Magic Leather Armor " and " Magic Leather Shoe" are light armor equipment and can't be equipped by all characters.

      - The magic cane has less attack values, but more m.def and mana on it instead.

      - I'll take a look at the shop system and see what I can do.

      - The debuffs ob Kayelinth might be bugged. I'll fix this and the bathhouse problem!

      - Currently the events with Moriko end after you raped her (or not), but there will be more events with her and a result of your choice later.

      - The mines on Darude's map have only few items to offer. I might add more offers at some point.

      - Yes, but don't exprect it anytime soon. :D

      - At the moment, there is only the one cage fight for Bard. I'm planning to rework the system and add to it afterwards.

      Thanks for your feedback! :)

    2. Find another bug when i was farming at the druken Cavern
      The scene and the fight to capture Lace repeat always even if we already had capture here